Money Making Machine!


Late last week I get a text from one of my customers, which by the way is now a good friend about his interest in parting with his Nike Dunk Heineken’s SBs in the super rare size 11.5 US.  I said, yeah of course i’ll help you out because little did I remember that I actually sold him this pair couple months ago…He thinks it’s more than 1 year ago, but in this case time doesn’t really matter because all I care about is he got them for a good price from me and I’m now able to sell it for him at market price today.  So I’m like yeah, let’s grab breakfast and bring out the shoes…

So during breakfast I’m like let me check these out and I’m like damn these are CLEAN…did you get these from me?  He’s like yeah, he traded up a bunch of shoes for them back in the day with an approximate value of a little less than $1,000, which by the way if you notice market prices now…he’s doing quite alright!  But here’s the kicker!  He told me at the time that I told him it was well worth it to get this pair because you’ll be able to wear them, enjoy them and STILL get back the money you paid and possibly MORE.


Well I guess time did prove my opinion was in fact legit as this pair of PADS Heineken’s is worth more than what he paid in just a little under 1 year.  Looking back in hindsight everything is 20/20 crystal clear, but NO ONE knew prices on these would creep up so quickly and by so much.  I knew it would go up in price, but I couldn’t predict exactly when it would happen.  Had I known it would happen so quickly, I would have copped all the pairs I “thought” was overpriced at the time.  He told me he didn’t really get much of a chance to wear them aside for his birthday, but as prices started to go up in the last year, it got harder and harder to justify wearing them.

By no means am I calling myself an expert in the industry, but I do know one thing for sure and that is there is a loophole in the game where we can enjoy sneakers practically for free and better yet…make money while enjoying.  You just need to know which sneakers to buy and when it’s a good time to buy where it’s not overvalued.  We call this finding the intrinsic value in the field of investment.  As I mentioned before, I personally try to avoid DS sneakers for myself because I know I would see a better justification in buying a NDS pair instead at 20-35% below the market price of a DS pair.  As much as I see value in sneakers, I personally do enjoy rocking nice sneakers that I love once in a while because that’s what sneakers were made for to begin with.

So next time if you are ever thinking of buying a DS pair, maybe you can try to consider buying a NDS pair so you can enjoy the sneakers AND still be able to retain your money without losing it!  But if you made it this far in the blog…this size 11.5 US PADS Nike Dunk Heineken’s can be yours for just $11 in our latest subscription!  Don’t miss out cause it won’t last for long!  Link below.





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