Price Expectation – Nike Air Jordan 1 Satin Black Toe

satin 1

Once again the million dollar question…Are these going to stay up and keep going up or are we just seeing hype that could die quickly? For most of you that haven’t seen the shoe in person yet, I must say they are pretty nice.  However, some have argued the quality is pretty trash with targets to the leather being sub par quality.  In my opinion, I think they are on point because I’ve seen garbage from the 2013ish era and if you want to talk garbage…leather back then was like cardboard…Let’s just say the leather on this pair is much better.

There’s no question that they hype on these was way up there even before they released.  When I first saw pics of them early I knew I had to get a pair because it’s a rare combo of material on a clean colourway.  I knew this was going to be trouble when we found out this was actually a women’s shoe and not a men’s because that meant it was going to be even harder to get and wearable men’s sizes will be limited.

Needless to say…prices are now trending around $600-$1,000 with of course the super hot men sizes of size 8-9.5 US are asking for prices near the higher end of the spectrum.  It’s weird because the largest sizes of 11-12 Women’s are actually lower in price compared to the size 8-9.5, this is usually not a typical trend because of the available quantity is usually lower for the super large size women’s relatively speaking.

satin 1-2

In my honest opinion, I think prices are going to stick around this range for a while and won’t be going much higher than it currently is.  Even though they are high in demand, I believe there is plenty of supply to go around to keep the prices flat for the time being.  From a supply perspective, people can easily settle for the previous 2016 black toe retros that are pretty much essentially the same shoe from afar.  It would be hard for the Satin version to go up fast without bringing the 2016 retro prices with it.  Not to state the obvious, 2016 bred toe prices have gone up recently as a result of this satin release.  To reiterate this point…imagine these Satin black toes are asking $2,000 on the market and the 2016 retros are only asking for $1,000.  As a rational sneakerhead, I’m going to go with the 2016 retros because i can save $1,000 for essentially the same shoe.  Given the larger supply of 2016 retros, it’s going to limit the price of these satin 1s to go any higher.  This would have been a totally different case had the satin 1s was a completely different original colourway that hit the same high demand by sneakerheads.  Then I would truly believe the sky is the limit in terms of resell.


At the end of the day, these Satin 1s is an amazing shoe and good enough that I had to cop a personal pair myself.  However, I bought these personally because I want to rock them.  If I bought solely for the sake of resell, I would flip them right now and lock in my profit and move on to the next shoe.  I’m not always 100% correct and prices could still soar, but since these didn’t really have much of a backstory to go with it aside from a dope colourway/material, it’s hard to see it explode up in price any further.  From a resell standpoint, 500% return on your money on opening week from retail price…what else can you ask for?


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