Let Your Dollar Make You a Dollar


I apologize for being absent for the longest time as I have been super busy lately with a new venture in which I was doing exactly what the title says while trying to maintain status quo for Net. Business will always come first and blogging will only come when I have time because let’s be frank. I don’t get paid writing blogs for you to enjoy and hence it slowly takes a lower priority in my life…UNLESS you all want to pay me to write more I’m down for it 😊

So yesterday I got some attention about the “couple” pairs of Nike Air Jordan Unions I posted up with on IG. “Can I have a pair” and “how did you get so many pairs” were the 2 most common comments I received, but as you all know…information isn’t free and that’s one thing I can’t entirely share with you all the time. This is also the fact why I stop selling my previous paid blogs because if EVERYONE had access to this knowledge, then there will be no profit left for select individuals. What I wanted to discuss today is about letting your money work for you. Let me get one thing straight. I DID NOT get these Unions for retail. I paid resell price, but at a somewhat more favourable price because I had enough capital to absorb the volume that was requested. This won’t apply to some of you because most of you are just simply interested in just copping a personal pair, but for those that are trying to make a living in the game, sometimes you just got to take big bets. I mean I could easily cop from StockX individually, but the shipping and the time to manage all that buying would kill me. With that said, it’s a win win situation when you can buy from a direct source in bulk quantities knowing they are 100% authentic and save cost at the same time. The only downside is it’ll hamper your buying power temporarily, but if you feel strongly about the pairs, then you should do it.

I’ve been tracking the price movement on the Union 1s resell price for some time now. Seen it explode in price at the start of the year and now slowly dropping for the past 2-3 months. This is somewhat common even from a equities market standpoint because often the market have to absorb and re-evaluate the market/prices when there is such a volatile movement. I believe the Unions are definitely past the price correction point and ready for another upswing soon. Hence, I believe the price is a good time to get in to make a good 30%-40% spread. This leads me to my topic today. Let your dollar make you a dollar. Most re-sellers don’t understand that holding certain shoes is sometimes a good thing because the price appreciation will outweigh the amount of work you have to do from a profit standpoint. Just think about it, if the price today is $1,000 and it goes to $1,400 by the end of the year and all you did was just sit on this inventory…you successfully made money by almost doing nothing. While the price continues to slowly accrete over the next few months, you’re making money while sleeping…you’re making money while eating…you’re making money while you are on vacation. You just don’t realize it until you sell it, but this unrealized profit you are technically earning everyday in theory. Yes, one can argue you can do this on the stock market…BUT let me remind you this. You have to think of profit from a risk adjusted standpoint. The odds of Unions going lower than $1,000 is fairly unlikely, but if you bought Apple shares today… it can go south and very south for macroeconomics factors that don’t even affect Apple. That is the sole reason why I don’t invest in the stock market anymore. Because I understand sneakers better than most in the market and that is why I preserve my principal money much better than the stock market (something most people think they know really well but in reality they really don’t know much). Parking your money in the highest risk adjusted return available is what you want to do.

So if you’re thinking about making that big purchase for that new car or that lavish vacation next month…just maybe and I mean just maybe…think about using that money to buy some Unions and at the end of the year you may turn that one vacation into 2 vacations if the prices move according to plan 😉

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  1. is this the same as travis 1s? since we saw an upswing of price then suddenly it became stagnant around 1.5k


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