I Used to Believe…

pigeon paris 2

A few years ago, I used to believe that hoarding all the good stuff for myself with crazy quantities was the best business idea ever.  I mean, think about all the clout and attention it would bring to Netmag.  This type of attention unarguably has helped me in the past with regards to getting followers, but not until recently I started asking myself…what is the purpose of my existence and how can I contribute to the sneaker community for the indefinite future.  Flexing with multiple pairs of T23s was to prove a point as a defensive stance from my perspective years ago, but am I helping anyone in the community?  Not really.


Don’t get me wrong… I still get super excited when I come across grails such as pigeon and Paris dunks because to me they were once grails I used to wish I could own but could never afford.  They are just beautiful shoes even 15 years later since they were released.  However, it was not till 2 years ago when I started experimenting with $11 subscriptions or what they used to be – gift cards.  The idea of giving everyone a fair chance to own a grail they could never ever think of owning because of the unattainable re-sell price was simple yet powerful.  Though I couldn’t choose who the winners could be, which means I can’t just limit the participants and filter out re-sellers looking to win and resell for money…the whole concept still worked out in the long run.  To date, I think its safe I have given enough grails away and the fact that I see winners wear them on feet literally almost every day is what in my opinion is really helping the sneaker culture.

pigeon 1

We live in a zero sum game world in which when there are winners, there are losers.  Though I can not satisfy everyone at the end of the day, but I truly believe from a statistical standpoint losers will eventually become winners in the long run.  This is also the reason I started giving away shoes that I would have kept 2 years ago out instead of keeping them stowed away in our vault.  For those that have won in the past…just imagine the stories they would tell to their friends and other sneaker heads….I was able to own Red October Yeezys for just $11!  At the end of the day I want Netmagnetism to go down in the history books of giving away opportunities to everyone and leave behind a legacy.  Being able to profit or not is secondary because as I grow older, I don’t want to be just another re-seller that existed.  I want to be THE re-seller that changed the game for the better!

pigeon paris 1

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