Sneaker Come Ups – If You Don’t Act Fast, Your Competition Will


So yesterday I posted a teaser on our IG about me receiving a “different” pair of Roc-A-Fella AF100 retros.  Of course it was just a teaser and for the record I did catch a few bodies trippin’ thinking Nike actually did send me these.  Sometimes I wish Nike did something like this just to fk with us, but unfortunately it doesn’t happen in the real world.  But today i’m here to explain how I out competed my competition to snatch these Sample Jay Z Blue Print Album AF1s for a STEALLLLL!


The key principle to a successful business is really to sell more than what you paid for.  If you can repeat this many many times, you can call yourself a successful business.  However, whenever there is a successful business there will be people looking to steal your business – this is how the real world works – hence this is also why competition exists.  So if your question of why you never find steals or much of deals on the market for sneakers is because if there was such thing… they would be snatched up fairly quickly by those that know the existence of it.  BUT! if you search and work hard enough than your competition and act quick enough, you can come up on deals – ALL THE TIME!  So if you’re wondering why I always come up on deals, that is because I probably work harder than 95% of the people out there.


So back to how I came up on these and how much I paid.  Before I go on to how much I paid, I want to touch on how much they are selling for.  So the good people at Stadium Goods have these listed for just $9,000 USD.  That’s cute because I legit only paid $800 USD shipped.  I mean yes…you can argue they are over priced at SG, but who is there to judge when only just a few pairs exist in the world in DS condition.  But from my perspective I was thinking what’s the worst that can happen?  I’m only paying a fraction (8.9% to be exact) of the asking price for the exact same product.

So you are probably asking….why did the seller let them go for so cheap?  That is a good question, but it doesn’t really matter because it’s all about willingness to sell.  Maybe to the seller got them for dirt cheap back in the day even at $800 he’s laughing.


So these were listed in an auction overseas with a starting bid of $850 USD.   Honestly I thought I was already pretty late to finding these because I don’t normally have AF1s in my to search list, but I was randomly strolling and came upon these.  My first reaction was like…damn! DS and my size with original sample box…I got to have these.  Actually at that moment I already had the idea to make an IG post of me pulling these out of the AF100 retro box for jokes…so for the record I did make it happen 🙂  Given that I miss all the shots I don’t take, I quickly sent the seller a message asking if he would take $800.  I honestly thought he would have countered with a higher price or like 99% of the sellers would do – decline my offer.  But the next morning I woke up, he accepted my offer and the rest was history.

The verdict of this story is that sometimes you just have to act fast on things when you see it on the market.  I honestly could have waited to bid on the item just like everyone else, and I guarantee I know a lot more people willing to pay way more than this price, but I decided to act before my competition did.  I took the initiative to send an offer before anyone else and it worked in my favour.  You can’t say I ripped the seller off because the market is a mutual buy/sell environment.  I paid what the seller wanted, and he gave me the product I wanted.  I can almost be 100% certain if I didn’t cockblock everyone else to the shoes, I could have easily paid double the price.  SOOOO! If you see it, act fast and get it…don’t wait because your competition certainly won’t be waiting.


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