The Jordan 1 Bricks Or Opportunity?


2019 has been the year of 1s no doubt.  Jordan 1s is probably the most milked silhouette by Jordan brand over the past 1-2 years.  The hype is real….I’m starting to get convinced that this move by the brand is simply to kill the market similar to what Adidas did for the Yeezy 350 boost.  From a consumer standpoint, its great…we miss out on 1 release, we still got 15 more in the pipeline…haha.  But how about from the re-sell standpoint?

From a basic economics standpoint, the vast amount of supply and options will hurt re-sellers because there are simply way too many options out there.  BUT, the only positive thing going for re-sellers is Jordan 1s no matter the model will naturally appreciate in price because it’s the 1 shoe everyone can rock timelessly.  So you’re probably wondering…so what should I do as a re-seller?  In my opinion this is the best window for re-sellers that have cash lying around and have the luxury to sit on shoes.  Think about it…these 1s are so available on the market, you can easily buy up pairs at quantities you are comfortable with at retail or maybe just $20 over retail.  The market for newly released 1s right now is clearly a buyer’s market in which buyers having the greatest bargaining power.  However, if you’re the re-seller looking for quick flips…these shoes aren’t for you.  It’ll probably take atleast a good year before you’ll see a profitable return on these and these will NOT make money for you.


One of my sleeper picks out of this batch is most definitely the Turbo and Couture 1s.  Well Turbo don’t really count anymore because they already started going up in price a bit, but the Couture 1s are in my opinion the potential.  My reasoning is…look at the price and hype before the public got a wider release?  It had pairs sold in the $500-700 range.  If you look at the prices now, yes it might be selling at $200 or less, but that’s because of the sudden influx of supply in a unconventional way.  This release was weird to say the least.  The release wasn’t very consistent on a global basis and this led to releases literally weeks after the initial release.   Regardless, there is no guarantee in anything, but in my opinion after seeing the quality on them (not as bad as many have claimed it to be) and knowing that shoes with a story always does well in the long term…I think these would most likely yield the most profit for the least amount of work.  And I emphasis least amount of work because you can literally cop pairs for the low in a simple click and you can accumulate quantities for retail price.


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  1. Do you think it is worth buying rookie of the years to sit on for a couple of years and if so what sizes would you suggest? Also do you see any potential for pine greens to increase in the future?


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