So I Was Right AND Wrong On My Price Expectation On The OFF White AF1s


Just about 3 months ago when I wrote up about the price expectation of these Nike Off White AF1 Volts and Blacks, I mentioned that I don’t see the re-sell prices on these going too high in the short term expecting a price range of $400-$500 in the short to mid-term time frame and  a ceiling of $800 at most in the 1-2 year time frame.  So…we are now at the end of March and I have to say…I was wrong on my prediction on that part as re-sell prices are now trending as high as $600.  BUT I did mention that if there was a possibility of the OFF White x Nike collaboration coming to an end, we can see prices spike….So I think I got that part correct.  You can re-visit my write up here to refresh your mind.

I don’t know if you have noticed, but it seems like the OFF White x Nike collaboration has slowed down considerably.  We haven’t seen any upcoming releases in a few months now and the fact that we saw rumours of Virgil mentioning in one of his snaps that the last few pairs was the “Last Ten”, could this be the end of the Nike x Off White era?  I don’t work at Nike so I don’t know…but re-sell prices might be starting to indicate this is so.  All the recent Off White releases prior to the AF1 release were not re-selling that well in terms of margins, but these AF1s are doing super well.  When I last wrote about this, pairs were selling for $400 at most for the Volts and now they are selling for $615 (referring to size 9).  So in the span of 2-3 months, prices has climbed $215, which is more than 50%!! That’s a BIG increase in such a short time frame.  Not many pairs I can think of has had this type of increase in such a short time frame.  But I do have to say…prices on everything has been going up lately and shoes are just generally getting more expensive – atleast in terms of the hype and highly sought after shoes.


Another trend that I have spotted was the price on the Volts have now caught up and is on par with the Black pair.  When they first released, the Volts were easily selling for a good $100 discount compared to the black and now the trend is the Volts are even selling for slightly more than Black pair in some sizes.  So what has changed?  To be honest, I personally believe sneakerheads are starting to believe this could be one of the last few Off White x Nike collaborations and it’s probably time to buy a pair now.  In 2018, the amount of Off White x Nike releases were so frequent that if we were to miss a release, we wouldn’t really care because we can just wait for the next one knowing it’s literally just weeks away.  Today, we haven’t really heard anything for months except for the possible release of the Jordan 1 off whites in toddler sizes… So are sneakerheads starting to kick in and realize if they don’t cop now, prices will increase?  If so, have you been on the fence waiting for prices to drop so you can cop a pair?  In my opinion, I personally don’t think prices will ever go back to below $500, so if you have been on the fence waiting to cop this pair…now maybe is the time.

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