What I Copped This Weekend [3.23.19]

Today I have a few minutes on my hands so I decided to share what I copped this weekend and my rational behind the purchases.  Unlike a typical store front I rarely have anyone actually bring me shoes to sell because…well obviously I don’t have a place for them to bring them to.  Moreover, a lot of the stuff I buy is not even available in Toronto, Canada to begin with.

With that said, I was quite happy with my haul yesterday and this morning.  I’m not as active as I used to be, but I do keep an eye on the market constantly and make a cop or 2 when I see a good deal.  It’s just like going to the flea market, but the only difference is I do the buying on my couch instead of physically being there.

First up…I copped a pair of PADS Nike Air Jordan 1 UNC Off Whites.  I paid $930 USD for them.  I know what you are thinking…that’s pretty much the price of a DS pair right now and given that they are not even DS, I’m overpaying.  Yes and no…Yes in the fact for the same price I can almost buy a DS pair, but also no in the fact I’m expecting prices to go up real soon so I’m copping pairs right now in the event price start going up and it’s too late to catch the bus then.  Same concept with the Union 1s 😉

DS Nike Dunk SB Sharks.  I originally wasn’t going cop these but in the last minute I noticed the stockX sold a pair of size 9 for $900 earlier this year, so given that I was able to cop this DS pair for $395 USD, I think my margins are pretty safe.  Another reason I committed to it was the fact you can never go wrong with a DS pair in these.

1994 Jordan 1s – this is a fan favourite pair and also every re-seller’s dream shoe because they fly off the shelves almost as soon as you post them…as long as pairs are in good condition with OG box, there will always be a demand for them.  Sometimes, I pay close to $75 just to buy an empty box because sneakerheads LOVE the box with these.  Copped this pretty clean preowned pair for $410 USD…this is probably the best margin pair out of the haul today.

Nike Air Max 1 Atmos 2017.  I have a strong feeling these are going to pop in price real soon.  These haven’t been talked about lately and that’s why i’m highly bullish on this pair.  Just remember, these were selling for $1,000 a pair in 2016 before the retro and it’s a fan favourite, so expect this pair to be slowly creeping back up to that price point.  It had already slowly creeped up in price, but I don’t know if its just a seasonal demand in advance of Air Max Day.  Copped this pair for $573 USD.

Lastly… Union Jordan 1 black toes! These are probably the hottest shoe in the sneaker world right now.  Copped this tried-on pair for $845 USD with Og box.  Not a bad price given that the last sold price on StockX went for $1,300.  I think i’m going to focus more on pre-owned pairs for these given the ridiculous pricing on DS right now.  The market for a slightly pre-owned pair is going to be lit.  If given the choice i’m sure everyone will choose a DS pair over a pre-owned pair, but when prices are too crazy…people WILL turn to the pre-owned pair market if it means it can save them $300-$500!

As you have noticed, I have purposely left out the sizing for all of the shoes.  That is because most of the time I have way too many email or DMs asking me if I can purchase them for the price I bought at.  It’s not that I don’t want to sell, it’s just that most of my buying takes place today, but I elect not to receive them for a few months because they enter the queue of many items that gets shipped to me.  So by the time I receive these shoes, it’s probably like June or July.  So if you remember in then, let me know 🙂

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