Sneaker PICKS – [3.19.19]

netmagnetism 1

In today’s Sneaker Picks, we talk about the care package that arrived last night, but I didn’t have time to un-box it till this afternoon.  First thing going through your head must be, where the F*CK does Netmag get these care packages from?  Well if you’ve been following me for a while or bought some of my paid blogs, you would already know.  Though I’m not as active as I used to be, but I’m always on there looking for deals.  With that said…let’s talk about why I copped these pairs and how much I paid.  Going forward I’m going to start disclosing how much I paid, which in the past I have conveniently left out for many reasons.  However, I later realized that it doesn’t really matter if i disclose what I paid because everything has a market price now – ie. StockX.  So just because I was able to find a good deal on the market doesn’t mean I’m obligated to sell it cheaper than market price like what everyone somehow obviously expects me to do.  So let’s get into it!


2 Pairs of Nike Dunk SB Heineken’s – both brand new DS with OG all in pristine condition.  A lot of times, my buying actually happens months prior and a lot can change in the market in terms of prices.  So a lot of times by the time you see an un-boxing, it was purchases made couple months ago.  I actually was in the market to cop just 1 pair of Heineken dunk because it was to replenish the pair I sold on StockX back then.  I was able to sell a pair for $1,325 USD back in November, so my new benchmark was if I could find pairs for $1,000 I’m cool…Trust me, just 1 year ago I would not pay over $700 for a DS pair.  I must say…times have changed!  I was able to cop a pair of DS 9.5 for $780 and literally in the same week another size 10 popped up.  Though the price was a little higher on the 10, I knew coming across a brand new pair with OG all is getting more difficult. I was able to justify paying a higher price given the 9.5 I was able to cop was a steal in my opinion.  My average cost for the 2 pairs is $890 USD.


PADS Nike Air Max 1/97 Sean Wotherspoons.  I always knew the price on these would go up, but just couldn’t accurately predict when it would actually happen.  I paid $476 USD back in end of October.  It’s crazy because just a couple months ago this was a rape price for a PADS, but if we look at it today it’s a stupid ridiculous steal price.  There were plenty of options back then, but I decided to cop a size 7 just because in my opinion was a rare size.  This was probably the biggest come up out of the box given prices are trending at $1.1k for a DS.


2 Pairs of DS Nike Air Jordan 1 Union Storm Blues.  These 2 pairs were relatively recent purchases bought in February.  This was the time when I saw black toes go for the same price as the relatively more rare storm blues and I thought prices on storm blues would probably inch higher to keep that margin, but I was wrong.  I totally should have used the money to buy more black toes instead of the storm blues.  Average price for both pairs was about $864.  I mean, it’s still a come up at current prices, but the most scary part is the price increase in just 1 month. Now selling for $1,200.


DS Nike Dunk Hunter Forbes sz 10 – Copped these for about $196 USD at the end of October.  Not so much of a steal as I don’t think pairs would go for much right now, but I bought them for the fact they were DS with Og all.  Given the simple principle of demand and supply, there aren’t that many pair out there in this condition, so holding a pair of these is always a safe bet.  Who knows…maybe Travis would wear these next and prices would sky rocket?  Just know, if you want to make money you got to make bets early on because when prices sky rocket, buying then would be 10 times more difficult and also it would inflate your cost and risk at the same time.

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