Jordan 1 Unions – Should I Wait Or Should I Bite the Bullet?

Nike Air Jordan 1 Union Black Toe Storm blue

Surprise, Surprise! Prices on these highly sought after Union 1s just went up in price again!  So what’s driving the prices up?  It’s a no brainer on this one….definitely 100% the demand for them.  The supply is not going to get anymore than what’s already out there unless JB pulls a restock on these, but from my experience, that is highly unlikely.  I was watching a RoundTwo youtube video last night, and Graham was asking everyone what’s your top 3 shoes of the year and literally EVERYONE…i kid you not…everyone had Union 1s as part of that list.  If this small population sampled is a good proxy of the market, then yeah…demand for this pair is definitely through the roof, which explains the consistent price hike we’ve seen since release.


What’s interesting about this release is back when they just released, the Storm Blues were actually selling at much higher premium than the black toes.  That was because the storm blues were supposed to be an Union only exclusive, while the black toes received a wider world release.  Though I can’t be certain of exact numbers produced, but it’s probably safe to say that there were probably more black toes released than the storm blues.  I personally like the black toes more as they were a little more subtle and I was was buying both pairs in December, but looking back I kind of wish I only bought Black toes…LOL.  I was in Europe at the time, but I was paying $531-$600 for Black toes on StockX while I was travelling, I literally thought I was overpaying, but I knew I can’t go wrong buying and holding Jordan 1s especially on a collab release like this.

stockx union

So the real question now is for those that are still on the fence looking to buy a pair – Should you buy now or continue to wait a bit?

I hate to break it to you, but from a economical standpoint it ain’t going to get cheaper than what it is now.  As mentioned in the beginning, supply is only going to get lower and lower and the only way to go is for prices to increase to maintain economic equilibrium.  The only 2 scenarios that could revert this is either Jordan brand does a HUGE restock OR sneakerheads simply don’t want them anymore.  I highly doubt both scenarios, but if you keep praying…it might happen?  It currently costs about $1,000 to buy a pair… might sit there and monitor the prices everyday atleast 4-5 times and you might be able to score a pair for slightly less than market and save $30-$40 after hours of monitoring.  But think about it…are you really saving at this point?  The time you spend monitoring for the lowest price could have been used to do something more productive in life, unless you’re telling me a few hours of your time is worth more than $30.  So I highly advise those that are still in the market searching for a pair…just bite the bullet and buy it now.  I mean, if you’re on the fence for that long…the chances are you really like this pair to be sitting on the fence and looking for the best deal for that long since release date.  If it makes you feel better…and I always tell my friends this.  You can pay $1,000 today for the shoe, wear them and sell them in 3 years…you’ll still be making money because in my opinion, this pair will probably be at $1,500 by the end of the year.  I learned my lesson the hard way when the Fragment 1s first dropped, I told myself I ain’t paying $800 for pairs…you kidding me?  But FU*K that was one of the worst decisions i made because we all know they are selling for double or even triple that price in certain sizes.  With that said, if you ask me…I say cop these now and enjoy them early.  The more you wait, the more sad you are probably going to be of not being able to cop a pair for current prices 2 months later knowing they gone up again.



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