Crazy Ironic Story Behind These Yellow Lobster Dunks


So this dates back to November of 2017 when I first decided to put this personal pair of Yellow Lobster dunk out for a $11 draw.  It was an easy decision at the time because I was actually offered quite a few pairs from different sellers at the time and I felt parting with them wouldn’t be so bad because I can always buy them back if I wanted to.  So back then we offered these or the denim forbes dunks as the main prize.  Of course, a lot of people would have sided with the denim forbes pair had they won.  Crazy enough, the winning member that won this pair back then put in 73 slots (technically about $500, stripping out the buy 3 get 1 free entries).  So after the draw, we asked him which pair would he like to choose as his winning prize.  He then came back and said, what price would you charge me for the denim Forbes on top if I chose the yellow lobster as my prize?  I responded, well technically it’ll be market price, but since you have played big, I’ll give you a small discount at the market price if you decide to buy the Denim forbes.   2 days later he comes back and says ok! I’ll choose the Lobster dunks as the prize and pay for the Denim Forbes.  In my head…great, there goes 2 of my most sought after dunks.


3 weeks later, he slides into my DM and started raging about the “poor” condition of the Lobster dunks and that he can’t re-sell them to make back his cost.  Then I said, hey man…we took very detailed shots on our website and we already stated very clearly it is pre-owned.  He then complains, had he known of the condition of the lobster (FYI, in my opinion they are in pretty good condition 8.5/10) he wouldn’t have paid so much for the Forbes dunk.  Then I told him, that makes no sense! You decided to take the lobster dunks as your prize from the draw and you decided to BUY the denim forbes as a separate transaction.  Had you reverse the sequence you may have a point, but in my opinion he was reaching.  We went back and forth for a week and I said…you know what…F*CK IT! I’ll just buy back the Lobster dunks.  I think I refunded him $2.2k USD (which btw, was more than a fair price at the time), but he was still complaining that he should get back about $3k because he paid that much for the denim Forbes.  Then I was like, had you told me you chose the denim forbes as your prize and wanted to buy the lobsters, I 100% would have sided with you.  After I got back the lobster dunks, I just put them a side and forgot about them.


Fast forward to 2019 today, I’m sure you all know the story about these Lobster dunks and the resell price now.   Don’t get me wrong, I love the shoe, but at the time I was only willing to let them go knowing I would have no trouble finding another pair on the market when I really wanted to.  The price on this pair probably have doubled or tripled and a lot of people have tried to get me to sell them my pair in the past few months.  However, my point today is not about rubbing salt on this guy’s wound (maybe I am 😊)…but rather it is to say…a lot of things happen for a reason and had he been less picky about certain things, he would have been able to profit off this pair greatly.  So next time if you decide to complain about something, just think from another perspective to see if you are truly reasonable…just remember God is Fair!


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