Price Expectation – Nike OFF White AF1 Volt & Black

off white af1

So the million dollar question….where are prices of these Off White AF1 heading in the near future?  This release was quite interesting because it came at the close of 2018 and this was made more readily available on the market through different retailers compared to past Off White releases.  What I’m referring to is…for past OW releases, only 1-2 stores got them in Canada.  However, for this pair a few other retailers also carried them.  I’m not sure if this is because it’s the end of the year where Nike wanted to keep all the accounts happy and spreading the allotment or it’s simply the whole account tiering system at Nike is changing, but nonetheless I personally don’t think the total number of pairs have increased drastically from past OW releases and at the end of the day…they are still limited….lol.

I’m not sure if many of you have noticed…the Nike Off White after market re-sell premium has started to tail off near the mid-end of 2018.  Resell prices weren’t going off as it was in end of 2017 and early 2018, but most pairs released are still trending 100-200% premium from the retail price tag and is performing better than most “hyped” shoes released during the year.  With greater number and more frequent releases, Off white in my opinion is started to get too saturated.   From a consumer aspect…if i miss today’s release, i’ll just wait 1 month and the next will release will come.  This fact alone is enough to suppress resell prices because consumers have more options and with more options, there’s no incentive to pay high resell prices.  We only pay resell prices because of FOMO (Fear of Missing Out), in which if are afraid of missing the boat now on an affordable price and fear of over paying in the future.  But with the constant releases, you can always hope to cop the next pair at retail and hence resell prices are just staling.

volt off white af1

In my opinion, these AF1s are quite nice and because they are on a classic AF1 silhouette, they will always be in demand.  I’m a little older, but out of all the off white models I find the black pair to be the most rock-able in everyday situations.  The volts are quite eye catching and maybe too flashy for me, but because there aren’t as many eye catching pairs out there…these have their appeal to certain sneakerheads as well.  With that said, I see the older heads going after the black pair and the younger heads going for the Volts.


From a price perspective, if Nike was to follow the path of it’s 2018 release pattern for OW in 2019 I would highly suggest that if you were buying these to invest or flip short to mid term to stay away because I don’t see them heading much higher than the current $400-$500 resell range.  HOWEVER!! 2 weeks ago the rumour of Virgil possibly ending it’s Nike Off white line up with these being part of the “Last 10” ever created, this could change everything!  Personally I’ve always wondered when Virgil first decided to join LV that how would this move affect his current situation at Nike.  My first thought is conflict of interest with both companies being in the fashion/apparel industry.  So this “possible” departure from Nike makes total sense to me.   IF this rumour is true…this could be a BIG change for the resell market for Off White Nike collabs in general.  Not only would this drive up the prices of these AF1s prices in the long term, but rather all past models release would most likely see an modest increase.  This isn’t rocket science…just purely straight economics of demand and supply.

[VERDICT] – I personally think these are sought after and demand will always be there for these OW AF1s.  From a price standpoint, I don’t see them going past $800 in the next 2 years because based on the past trend of the Original OW AF1, it’s only trending around $1,000-$1,200.  And based on the fact of the possible termination of Nike Off White in the future, I think these will increase near mid-end of the year if indeed the rumour turns out true with these being the last ever Off White AF1s.


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