How to Become a Successful Sneaker Re-sell Business?


One of the most common question and inquiry from strangers through email and IG DM I receive is not about the actual shoes I’m selling, but how “they” can start a successful online sneaker business like me. To be honest, this is a topic that I could go on for days and I simply just don’t have the time to coach each person individually while being able to manage the daily operations. I think for those that started following me in the very early days I was super responsive to emails and inquiries because there wasn’t as much volume and I was just 1 individual selling sneakers and I had a lot of free time to answer everyone’s questions, but of course no one cared about my opinion of what I had to say because I have no track record to prove it. Nowadays, its’ the complete opposite where I wish I could get to everyone’s questions and inquiries on a timely basis. If time was infinite I would love to sit with every one of you and coach and guide you to a become successful, but we all know time is finite and that is what brings us here today as I hope I can sit down and write all the bread and butter in one concise report that I wish I could share with you.

Your next question might be…why charge money for this report? Being in the business, I learned a few important theories and one of them is if you’re looking for free things on the market that will ACTUALLY help you, it’ll NEVER happen. Second, if it’s free you most likely WON’T take it seriously. Hence if you paid money for it, you have a sense of wanting to absorb every detail I give you and take it and learn from it. In other words, think of university and college. We all are capable of learning by ourselves, but why are we paying for school? Because had it been free, you won’t take it seriously just like when junior to high school is free. I like to call this skin in the game.

Lastly, I don’t force anyone to purchase my write ups.  I value my time and experience to pass on to you in the form of monetary exchange.  This article is targeted for those that want to improve their sneaker re-selling business and not those that come through looking for free information to leech off of.  For the most part of my blog, it is entirely free and a lot of my free information shared is helpful.  However, my paid blogs is where the good stuff is at.  Moreover, if the stuff I was writing was totally BS, i think my paid blog would have been one and done after the first $520 banned 1 come up write up, but why do i have repeating followers buying my blogs?  Well…if you’re smart enough you can figure out the answer to that one 😉


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