Your Network is Your NetWorth

Ever since school I never enjoyed working as a team.  I always preferred to work alone and didn’t like to collaborate and work with others mainly because I just feel like I could tackle everything by myself.  However not until 2-3 years ago that I later realized that in order to be bigger than yourself…you need to network and work with others.  Netmag has always been a 1 man team since the beginning up till about 1-2 years ago when I realized I can’t do everything myself.  The workload started to increase and I could only attend to so many things at one time.  I basically needed to clone myself 2-3 times in order to get everything done.  Then I realized the power of working as a team even though it was against my preference.

Having a team allowed me to concentrate on more important things in terms of developing the business and networking.  I can finally set aside some of the back-end operational work and be out there in the market and expanding the business and working out business deals with others.  It’s a big world out there…we all have a different role to play regardless of where we stand in the food chain.  As re-sellers we also play a very important role in the market and believe it or not…without re-sellers I don’t think the market will be the same in a good way depending which side you stand on.  It wasn’t till last year or so that I’ve really felt Netmag expand in terms of product sourcing from different parts of the world while maintaining a profitable business model.  Compared to a few years ago where I would look/source everything myself individually item by item…now I have access to a greater pool of products that I wouldn’t have had if I didn’t evolve.   In a nutshell it all started from networking…I talked to people and I understand where everyone stands and their motives in the business…what they need and what drives business for them and see how Netmag fits into the picture and help.  One important lesson I learned was NOT how others can help me…BUT its how I can help others while helping myself at the same time…I hope that makes sense.

Business is a funny subject…sometimes it’s not how much money you have, but rather the relationship you have with people that dictates why you deserve to do business with them.  I know a ton of other people that have WAYYYY more capital and money than I do, but at the end of the day I’m the one that could do business with them…why? I don’t know…maybe I’m lucky, but if we strip out luck…I’d say I started doing business with the initial intent of helping other people’s business which eventually evolved into a solid business relationship.  If you’re wondering where I got on these Sean Wotherspoon Air Max 1/97…I didn’t buy each pair individually one by one from different sellers…I bulk buy from people that I had no clue existed couple years ago where I helped and eventually led to a business relationship.  So if you ask me what’s more important…Money or Network?  I would definitely take money, but then again without network there probably wouldn’t be money.

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