Unboxing Under a Minute – September 2, 2018


For today’s unboxing under a minute we have a mix bag of semi GRs and some heavy hitters.  All these pairs were straight from Toronto customers and if you think we don’t have heat north of the boarder…then think again.

  1. Nike Air Yeezy Kanye Red October (size 11 US) – though these are pre-owned unlike the last unboxing we had a 9.5 DS, these are still highly sought after pairs.  I personally like to work with preowned pairs because they’re more likely to be worn than resold.  I fully understand that sometimes its extremely hard to Un-DS a $5,000 shoe, so that’s why having us to give out a pre-owned pair…this increases the chances of it being on feet as opposed to in the box.  You already these will be headed towards… our $11 gift card draws.
  2. DS Nike Air Jordan 5 V Oregon Ducks (size 11 US) – You definitely don’t see these everyday anymore…needless to say they are quite rare and even FlightClub currently doesn’t have a pair in stock.  This pair isn’t my favourite out of the Oregon PEs, but i certainly appreciate the uniqueness in this pair especially the duck patch on the heel.  These aren’t cheap, but we might actually list these on our website to see if anyone wants to buy them before throwing them towards $11 or even $35 gift card format.
  3. NDS&DS Nike Air max 1/97 Sean W (11 US and 12 US) – whenever customers come to me with these…its hard to turn down.  I have quite a few pairs stowed away, but I’m super bullish on this pair in terms of long term price appreciation.
  4. DS Nike Air Jordan 4 Raptors (size 11 US) – I have super mixed feelings for this pair as I’m personally from Toronto, but with the whole debate about whether this was a Drake shoe for Toronto and etc…I just didn’t really feel this pair.  I don’t think prices on these will go any where, but since I don’t have a pair, I guess its always good to stash a pair in the inventory regardless
  5. DS Nike Air Jordan 8 Black OVO (size 13 US) – Let’s be real…OVO x Jordan hasn’t really performed well in the re-sell market.  It’s probably due to its not-so-creative aesthetics on the collab OR there simply just a lot of pairs on the market.  I still paid $20 over retail, which I think is fair.  Could be a good pair to giveaway in a future $11 gift card draw.

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