Price Expectation – Nike Air Jordan 1 Nigel Sylvester


I don’t usually provide price expectations this early in the process, but when i got these in hand, i couldn’t help but to drop everything and write about it.  When images first surfaced the internet of these shoes, I wasn’t too too interested about them because at first it just looked like a pair of scuffed up white Jordan 1s.  I get it, it probably doesn’t appeal directly to everyone at first sight.  To be honest, I didn’t even know who Nigel Sylvester was until I saw pictures of him on a bike…then it clicked where the collab was coming from.  I’ve seen videos of him biking in the past, but had no idea who this guy was.  That sparked me to go dig further on this guy and inspiration behind this collab.  As usual, I’m always a big fan of stories behind shoes and the reasoning behind the design, but as I read further this collab made so much sense.  The fact he rides in Jordan 1s and would just ride the fk out of the shoes because he would use them to slow down his bike because he would ride without breaks..that made me appreciate the scuffs aspect design behind the shoe.


Of course with these type of releases, Jordan brand will always make it a limited run and compared to other drops this year, these weren’t that easy to cop.  Your typical tier 0 accounts had them, but each store probably had about only 10 size runs…and counting how many boutique store had them around the world…you can kind of guess how many pairs are actually on the market.  To give you a hint.  NOT MUCH.


For this drop I feel like a lot of people have talked a lot of trash about this shoe on why we are paying so much for a pair of piss yellow and scuffed up shoe.  If we are paying money for a pair of shoes shouldn’t it be clean?  Well yes that is/was the traditional way of thinking for consumers, but you must understand we now live in a very NON-traditional world.  If Nigel created a shoe that was just normal white with a mini swoosh, what would make them special?  Everyone just complains there’s no creatively coming out of new shoes these days, but I hate to break it to you…this is creative!  My gut feeling tells me that these very people talking trash about this shoe would the be ones wanting to buy this shoe 1-2 months down the road.   The prices are currently trending now around $350-$400 on StockX and trust me…my past experience tells me they probably won’t go any lower than this because a lot of people will want this shoe because a lot of people I know that wanted the shoe took a L on release date.


Last Words

I have this weird feeling that this could be the shoe that could spark a new era of wave for Nike.  I really hate to say it but I think the Nike SB future is gloomy as Nike can’t seem to bring back that energy it once had for the sport of Skateboarding, but I think the sport of bicycling could be the next thing.  You could call me stupid for thinking that way, but if you really think about…who knew SB would have done what it done to the culture of sneakers back in 2002, right?  With that said, I’m highly bullish on this shoe in terms of re-sell prices because 1st its a Jordan 1, 2nd it has a great story behind it and 3rd…it’s a great shoe concept and executed well.  I’m a old head and to be honest there aren’t really that many releases that get me excited these days, but this one definitely got my attention.  So if you ask me…i think this will be a $500 shoe by the end of the year and even at current resell prices I think this shoe is worth it.  After all…Jordan 1s do last a lifetime.

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