Unboxing Under a Minute – August 29, 2018

In today’s unboxing under a minute, we 8 pairs of shoes with a mix of HEAT and old hard to find grails.  Needless to say, most of you are looking at the Red Octobers, but don’t let the RO’s blind you because there are plenty of grails aside from the Yeezys.  Here’s the detailed breakdown:

  • Nike Air Yeezy Red Octobers (size 9.5 US) – money aside, these are every Hypebeast’s must have grails.  These are size 9.5 Brand New DS with Og box – so you could expect re-sell prices to be through the roof.  I paid a fair price for them, but you know these will be heading towards our $11 or maybe $35 gift card to our members.
  • Nike Air Force 1 “Hong Kong” (size 12 US) – I don’t even know why I bought these, but I saw DS, big size, good price and the fact they didn’t release here in Canada, I picked them up anyways.
  • Nike Air Jordan IX 9 Bentley Ellis “Crawfish” (size 9.5 US) – I’m a big fan of these even though resell price doesn’t say so.  You don’t see these everyday, so grabbed them for a good price.
  • Nike Air Force 1 Atmos (size 10.5) – if you followed me on my IG, you already know how much of a steal I got these for…but these are for the personal stash…so back off 😊
  • Nike Air Max 1 Patta Denim (size 9.5 US) – did I mention that these are harder and harder to find on the market…don’t even mention DS condition, even preowned pairs are hard to locate for a fair price.  So with little to say, I paid fair market price, but they weren’t cheap!
  • Nike Off White Presto The Ten (size 10 US) – with the new prestos (black and white), re-sell prices are slowly climbing…but good thing I copped these well before then, but shipping just a little longer than usual.  Might throw these out for $11 very shortly for our members…stay tuned
  • Nike Air Jordan 1 Chicago Off White (size 10.5 US) – yet another 10.5, but price was right…so had to cop.
  • Nike Vapormax Off White (size 7.5 US) – this is probably the last few pairs from the 50 pairs I copped about 2 months ago…I guess you don’t need me to introduce again…if you want to know more…check out the 50 pair OW vapormax come up post.

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