Price Expectation – Jordan 4 Levis Black and White



So Levi’s 4 black and white….the follow up to the blue denim pair just a few months after…needless to say…re-sell price went into the shitter.  To be quite honest, this is exactly how I expected prices to trend when I first found out about the release date on these.  These fell on the insane amount of releases of June 2018.  They couldn’t have chose a better time to release these.

When the image first surfaced shortly after the 1st blue denim released and the rumour going around there were a few more colours down the pipeline everyone was hyped and excited and ready to COP.  However, what went wrong when they actually released?   As mentioned before, the timing of the release in my opinion was the biggest contributing factor for the slow and sluggish re-sell price – especially the black pair.  Its common knowledge that usually the sequel releases to the original will always trail in price relative to the original in terms of resell, so from the get-go I already know they won’t be hitting $600-$700 resell price for black and white pair.

Current prices as we speak have probably hit an all time rock bottom and I don’t expect it to go much cheaper than this into the “AT RETAIL” price zone.  From a re-seller standpoint you are probably kicking yourself for paying way too much for your pair(s) the first 1-2 weeks of release and have trouble unloading them and because some of us can’t afford to hold inventory to fund upcoming releases, you would be forced to take a L to offload and recoup your cash.  You would be stupid to hold on to Levi’s 4s and miss out your opportunity to cop the OFF White Presto’s that would do much better for you in terms of margins.  With that said, in the short term (atleast 1 year) – don’t expect prices to move much as Nike still got tons of fire pumping out the pipeline for 2018 and the Levi’s aren’t at the top of the list of MUST COPS for this year.  2018 is simply the year sneakerhead’s wallets are tested to the tipping point and consumers are forced to rationalize either to spend money on sneakers or daily necessities in life.  I think the latter is more important and the more wise choice and hence sneakerheads are simply left with the choice of copping ONLY shoes they want and dropping not so desirable pairs.


In terms of quality, these were quite on point similar to the 1st release.  The only problem i had with the Levi’s 4s in general was they were much harder and bulkier than all the other 4s, making the shoe NOT the most comfortable shoe to wear around.  Regardless, I will still rock the crap out of them given they are a Levis x Jordan collab.  If you were thinking about copping the Levi’s for personal consumption this is a GREAT time to cop as prices are EXTREMELY reasonable.  Honestly…had this shoe been released maybe during the YEEZY Adidas time frame 2 years ago, the re-sell price would definitely much higher…so like I said before from a re-seller standpoint…GREAT SHOE…WRONG timing.

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