The 50 Pairs of OFF White Vapormax 30% Below Market Price – How Can You Do It As Well.

OW Vapor

Back by popular demand from the last $5 paid write up I did for the $520 Banned 1 2011…I’ve received a lot of positive feedback from various readers and even some people coming back saying the info I provided help them secure steals that made the initial $5 they paid well worth it.

This time around, I wanted to go through how I came up on 50 pairs of DS Off White Vapormaxes for 30% below market price – no strings attached.  If you’re thinking it was just as simple as me low balling 50 people to get them at lower than market price, you might as well just leave the blog now.  Not only do I just go into how I came up on the opportunity, but also my thought process on how to connect the dots in re-selling.  One of the things I have touched on is how to get funding to fund all these pairs at the lowest cost possible because not all of us have $20,000 handy sitting around waiting to blow on shoes.

You may ask…well this is a past tense story, why charge your readers to read it?  Well yes, you may not be able to get Off White Vapormaxes anymore, but I’m basically teaching you how to fish so that when the next releases comes along….you can actually be ready and take advantage of it.   I will never point a gun at your head to force you to purchase, but if you believe my write ups are worth it…just give it a shot.My only rationale is had i made it free for everyone, there would be no more deals in the world.  Moreover, if you find it useless information after paying the fee, then feel free to un-follow and never hear from me again.



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  1. I purchased This and the $520 Banned article previously but were accidentally deleted. Can they be resent?


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