Price Expectation – Nike Air Jordan 1 OFF White UNC

Many have asked and here it is…Apologies I couldn’t get this out sooner, but because there is always a conflict of interest for me as buyer in the market, I can’t really share my thoughts till after the buying process especially when I expect prices to go up.  So now that the wave has slightly died down… here’s the break down.  Whenever an OFF White Collab with Nike is announced nowadays you know it’s going to go up in value regardless of the model. From the first 10 drop there was a clear model that has outpaced every model in terms of resell value…YES, that is the Jordan 1.  The Jordan 1 Chicago OW is now trending in the $3,000+ area and that is INSANE.  If you had asked me when they were first released whether they would ever hit this price…I would say NEVER.   Just taking a step back to realize how crazy this re-sell price is…These were released late last year and it’s not even 1 year and the resell price is literally 15 TIMES the retail price.  This is comparable to the Nike Yeezy Kanye release and when was the last time we saw a release like that?

Some may say, well it’s the original model of course the price will be up there.  I’m not sure if some of you have noticed, but the OFF White Euro exclusive 1s are slowly creeping up in price.  Prices on Flight Club are around 2.7K.  When they first released I paid $1.6k in resell.  At the time I thought the price was steep, but just months later looking back now, I think I did quite well. So this time around, I expect no different with the UNC drop.  Obviously I don’t expect prices to go up that fast this time around, but the ultimate destination in terms of resell price is NORTH! Some may argue that this release was the biggest one in terms of number of pairs to the market out of the 3 colourways, but if you look at the overall release in the world, it is still VERY SMALL! If you ask 10 sneakerheads, 9/10 would have ended up with a L.  Even if you look at the footaction drop locator it was only released in Chicago LOL. So supply is definitely going to support the increase in price in the near future.

I’ve mentioned this couple days ago.  The size distribution on this release was a little different than traditionally.  The size distribution was highly skewed to bigger sizes 10-13.  There weren’t that many pairs of size 8-9.5.  In most cases, it’s usually the other way around so if you’re asking why you can’t find your size 8-9.5, that’s why.  To confirm this, you can check the re-sell prices on StockX and FC.  Size 8-9.5 is going for a premium price relative to the other big sizes and FC doesn’t even have 8.5.  So if you have a 8.5, just bring it to FC cause they’ll need a pair to sell online and you’ll probably get top price.

I’ve been monitoring the resell price since the release date, and initially people were asking for about $800 CAD (about $600 USD), which was pretty decent if you ask me because you have to understand the dynamics on the first week after the release.  Releases nowadays the number of re-sellers looking to cop to re-sell probably FAR outweighs the number of people wanting a pair to wear.  From a numbers perspective you’re going to have more people looking for a dollar flip than keeping it for themselves.  The mentality for most rookie re-sellers or even people looking for a quick dollar is they want to get money back FAST! As a buyer, this is the best time to jump in as some of these guys just want their profit in their pocket so they could pay off the credit card bill.  When you have a dynamic where you have more resellers than enthusiasts, you’re going to have an influx of supply on the first day or two.  So usually prices will trend slightly lower from day 1 due to the vast amount of re-sellers trying to unload.  Where prices go AFTER depends how fast buying is.  I think a lot of people that struck out have already saw the opportunity to buy and copped because after 1 week, I’ve already seen prices jump to $1,000 CAD+.  That’s already a $200 (25%) increase in a matter of days and when you notice the Kijiji buy/sell board has more wanted listing than selling listings, you bet demand is through the roof.  I literally see more “paying $900 for X size, must come with og receipt” than “asking $1,100, BIN$1,200” posts.

So where do you see the prices in 1 year?  I think the price will eventually trend about $1500 USD by end of the year and wouldn’t be surprised if it goes higher.  The man behind Off White is literally on fire right now.  His power and influence on the market is definitely comparable to Kanye couple years ago and the fact he’s now LV’s artistic director, it only helps his products become more desirable from the general public.  Moreover, based on the past off white release pattern, don’t expect a re-release of any sort either.  At this moment, I don’t expect any more Off White Jordan 1s coming down the pipe this year as I think the plan for Nike and Virgil now is to apply his creative direction on different models to help push the sales of that model for general releases (ie. Nike React Element 87).

[VERDICT] – Prices will definitely be going up.  If you’re still on the fence, just bite the bullet and go in because it’s not going get cheaper than what you see now.

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