The $520 Come UP on DS 2011 BANNED 1s Today – How Did I Do It?


This is the first time I ever decided to first share with you a source I often go to look for come ups when time permits.  Often time its time consuming, but deals do EXIST and it boils down to are you willing to exploit it.  I generally don’t share this type of information with the general public because it creates more competition and as a business, that’s the last thing you want.  Keep in mind why i’m charging you $5 for this write up.  Its not that I need the money to survive as my entire Blog is FREE up to this point, but its more so to protect this info going to EVERYONE!  Just imagine everyone free riding this info and all the undervalued items will get exploited…who does it help?  Whenever there is a small fee combined with something, most people tend to shy away, which is a mutual benefit for those that pay to view.

How I look at it is…would you spend $5 on a Starbucks Latte and drink it and that’s the end of your $5 OR would you spend $5 on my info and maybe learn from it and try it yourself and turn $5 into 100 Lattes in the future?  Obviously the choice is up to you.  I don’t write this shit so I can pocket your $5 and run away.  If you like the insights I give you and you can turn up on a $40 margin from my info, I’m more to happy to provide future write ups, but this is only the surface.  Moreover, if you find my info garbage, you won’t need to ever hear a word from me again, but that’s not in the best interest for me.

Anyways, for those interested to know exactly how I came up on these $520 DS Banned 1s, you can simply purchase the write up below.  We will email the PDF write up to your email address after payment has been received.  This is my first time doing this, so please be patient if you don’t receive it write up right away as this is my first time doing it.


**BOTH Part 1 and 2 Blogs are now SOLD OUT**


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  1. bro didnt receive the pdf yet but im waiting just paid it awhile ago lol thanks and good blogs! Learned a lot.


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