Dear Jordan: Great Shoe, BUT WRONG TIMING!


I don’t know where to start…but let me get things straight.  I was not happy about this release AT ALL.  When I first heard about the rumours about a retro on these I was like yeah…that’s great… 2004 was only 14 years ago, it should be about time.  This rumour has been going on forever and finally they drop it with minimal marketing on June 9th, 2018.  But why the F*CK June 9th?  Let me check the drop calendar for a quick min…how great is it to land on the same day the Jordan 4 Cactus Jack Travis Scott? VERY SMART!  If I’m a consumer, I ain’t buying these because i’ll be going for the 4s.  Honestly, this was terrible marketing/release and whoever at Nike that co-ordinated this drop, man you should be transferred to co-ordinate Converse or something.


For the record, this is probably one of my favourite Jordan 2s that have released ever and maybe that’s why I am a bit sour at how horrible the retro of these went.  I think they wanted to retro these close to Carmelo’s Birthday which was May 29th (failed again).  I honestly think had JB released these in May, they probably would have done better in terms of sales as there were no significant releases last month.  Nike HAD to choose a month where there 10 million HYPED releases (OFF White UNC, Cactus Jack, Levis and more…) releasing literally days after another.  You got to let the average consumer BREATH! We don’t have thousands of dollars to spend on shoes.  Not only are the customers affected, but retail shops are probably strapped for cash flow this month to keep up with all the releases.

Screen Shot 2018-06-13 at 3.03.29 PM

I think they tried to make this release semi-exclusive by releasing in select shops in the US, but not really cause there was still plenty of locations that got them.  Another reason to believe this was sloppy planning on Nike’s end.


Last but not least, if they were going to retro these, couldn’t they have made them at least SLIGHTLY DIFFERENT to give us the consumer a reason to buy?  You could have just added the Melo and 15 embroidery and I would be 100% willing to give my money to you.  The concept of “Nothing is Safe Anymore” and for you guys to retro past PE exclusives is already NO surprise, so why not do it this time?  Nike! you also had many other options to choose from…had you chosen any of the below to retro to commemorate Melo’s birthday, I also will be VERY HAPPY to give you my money, but you had to choose to retro the ’04 Melo with ZERO Difference.

Though i’m not physically in the US to see whether or not these are still sitting on shelves, I can pretty much piece it together via looking at prices on StockX and FlightClub.  StockX has a lowest asking price of $200, which means if you bought for $190 retail, you would lose money.  Even if you had the 30% employee discount, you’ll probably still be losing money from the 10-15% commission StockX rapes you on. And don’t worry about Flight Club, because they are so bad they don’t even exist on the site.  Case in point, this is one of the worst retro releases I could think of and honestly, i’m happy with sticking to the 2004 original release.




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  1. I appreciate the way they dropped them because they will be on sale soon enough and then I’ll scoop them right up 🙂


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