What did you Cop? The $15,000 Buyout 29 Pairs

While everyone was busy cooking this past weekend on the Travis Scott Cactus Jack IV release, we were busy closing a deal on a $15,000 Buyout.  Once again a repeat customer came back to us with some stuff he was looking to unload and you bet we always offer more than fair prices to our clients – this was quoted directly from him to me.  It’s always easy to work with clients that understand everyone needs to eat, which makes working with prices a little easier.  When it comes to buying it’s not always easy because a lot of times people are trying to unload stuff they don’t want or stuff THEY can’t unload.  It makes sense because if they can easily sell/unload themselves, why would they bother selling to me, right?  So a lot of times, we have to turn down buyouts because most people are trying to sell us a bunch of slow items at not so reasonable prices.  In a nutshell, they still want a profit off us on stuff they are stuck with assuming we can make EVEN more profit on top.  I would take in everything if I had unlimited cash flow, but in reality none of us do.

Anyways, back to the buyout, the customer had a good mix of really good stuff and a bunch of medicore stuff that requires some pushing.  The highlight in my opinion were the DS Banned 1 from 2011 and the DS Nike What the Dunk in size 11.  The release of the 2016 Banned did temporarily affect the 2011 banned 1 resell prices, but I personally love them.  I still gave the client a really good price on them because as a sneakerhead, I definitely would pay a little more to get the X on the back as opposed to getting the 2016 cheaper version that everyone else has.  The WTD to me was a no brainer.  They don’t move as fast as new release hype, but I can sit on these all day given they are one of my favourite shoes.  Though, finding a customer for these that is willing to pay this price point will take a long time.

In the mix, we also had some Yeezy Boosts.  In my opinion, Nike and Jordan has really came strong this year in terms of winning back customers and Yeezy Boosts aren’t as crazy now compared to a year ago, but that doesn’t mean they are not sought after.  Turtle Doves even though are pre-owned, the originals will always be in demand regardless of condition.  In the mix were also some Bape NMDs and human races.

When I first saw the list of items, the Olive Undefeated Air max caught my eye right away and I personally was excited because I honestly haven’t seen a pair in person yet since the release last year. Everyone was speculating a wider release…but guess what?  It didn’t happen.  These are rare and sought after in general, but in Canada they probably don’t even exist, so I definitely needed to have a pair in the archive even though they are not my size.  On the same note, we also picked up 3 pairs of Sean Wotherspoon air maxes.  I paid the client a really good price for these 4 pairs because they are pairs that shouldn’t be too hard to move if I do decided to sell them on the site.

Just to quickly wrap things up…I have been meaning to cop the Clot air force 1s for a while now, but I never came across a pair in my size for a fair price.  These came through in a size 9.5 and even though they are a ½ size too small for me, I think I will keep them for personal use anyways.  All the other pairs were fairly decent stuff but at the same time are stuff that takes a little more effort to move to make a reasonable cut.  These will probably be listed on the website soon.

Last but not least…the client accidently dropped me these DS Shadow 1s in the mix and didn’t realize it until I was back in the office.  Though I could have said nothing and kept them, but I decided to text him back and let him know about the extra pair to see what he wanted me to do with it.  He decided that he actually wanted to keep that pair, so I personally hand delivered it back to him the day of.   I personally believe in good karma, so I decided to do the right thing.  Part of doing business is honestly and gaining trust from customers.  You can cheat your way through occasionally, but this formula won’t get you very far in the long run.  In general I was very happy with this purchase.  By definition, buyouts greater than $10k is considered a large buyout for us but most importantly its bringing on shoes that I want to work with and helping out clients to off load shoes is by far the most.

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