Grail Hunting – Grail HUNTED – KAWS x Bape Stadium Jacket


A lot of people say money CAN buy you happiness.  To a certain degree I could somewhat agree with that point, but on the flip side it’s not always true.  Certain items just aren’t available for sale even if you had money to throw around and that’s what makes grail hunting FUN.  Clothing and shoes aren’t like stamps or toys because not only is finding certain items difficult, but finding the right item in the right size is what makes it EXTREMELY DIFFICULT!

Needless to say, I finally copped the KAWS x Bape stadium jacket that I have been passively looking for in the past year or so. I learned the hard way because I had this jacket a few years ago but in a size medium.  I was so disappointed because stadium jackets usually fit large, and the medium actually felt big on me even though i’m almost 6 feet tall.  So I was on a mission to find a small.  Don’t get me wrong, there were quite a few of these that i passed up on simply because the prices were just stupidly outrageous, which leads me back to the topic.  If i blindly pay whatever anyone is asking just for the sake of “having” the item, I don’t think i’ll be happy.  Part of the fun is bargaining and looking for the right priced item and not getting RAPED.  Yes, I still paid a price premium compared to what I sold it for back then, but you just gotta understand market prices changes to.  Back then, KAWS wasn’t as well known as he is today.

In terms of price, I paid a final price of $1,250 USD.  The closest alternative I could see on the market is an asking price of $2,180 OBO.  Did I over pay for a stadium jacket? Hmmmm…probably, but if it’s something you want for a long time, you mind as well pay up because all of that time spent on searching for this item can be saved to do something more productive.

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