The Flex Effect

Nike Dunk Supreme SB Group Shot

Just about 4 years ago when I was starting off Netmagnetism, I didn’t really have much of a direction as to where I wanted it to go or what it would be.  I was simply a small fish in the pond looking to flip some shoes for some pocket change.  Moreover, it was a fun process outside of my boring and repetitive day job…or shall we all call it “career”?  All textbooks teaches us to be rational and being a new re-seller in the game, being rational meant – maintain low inventory and flip for moderate/high margin QUICK! At first I was extremely rational, but slowly as I built up capital it became very irrational.  I found myself hoarding more than I can sell at the time, but at the same time it was hard to turn down good deals. I was burning cash so fast that I maxed out my line of credit and borrowed as much as I can to make ends meet.  In hindsight, I think I made the right decision and if I were to do it all over again…I would do it the same way again.

Eventually it came to a point where I had too much of 1 item (ie. As you can see from the supreme dunks above that was taken about 4 years ago), I decided it was time to “flex” a little on the gram.  Actually, the main reason I had all of them out was to do an inventory check and the picture was a mind as well kind of thing.  At the time my goal wasn’t to make anyone feel salty or anything…I was merely trying to show what I had at the time so maybe I can catch some attention and get a few new customers to buy them.  Man oh man did I not only catch a lot of attention. I caught a lot of hate and scepticism…LOL. But little did I know, all that negative energy actually brought a lot of attention, which also meant a lot of new followers.   A lot of those comments I still remember vividly today, but all in all it was worth it because I think after that splurge of flex, I became “insta-famous” within the sneaker community somewhat over a span of 1 month.

Fast forward today, I rarely flex anymore.  I think the amount of stuff I have in the vault would make ppl 10x even more salty compared to 4 years ago, but I rather not show it because I simply don’t need to anymore.  Maybe partially due to the fact I’m older and more mature, but as I see other accounts today try to flex with their 100 pairs of Yeezy haul on release day, I ask myself…do I really want to be THAT GUY?  Also my focus over the past year hasn’t been about building more followers…but rather I want to build more engagement with my existing followers and build a small community within.  That’s what social media is about to begin with, right?

[VERDICT] – Flexing on the gram may be good if you’re starting off to catch that attention wave, but in the long run, it can create negative energy that serves to be a double-edged sword.

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