Nike Air Jordan WC3 Free Throw Line – Price Expectations


I’ve been on a hiatus from blogging not because I was lazy, but because I have been busy AF.  I enjoy writing, but sometimes its not always on the top of the priority list when it comes to the important things to do.  Anyways, just copped these Jordan 3 dunk contest last week and man they are FIRE! Given that our sneaker game is so heavily involved with “re-selling” and “re-sell” value, I think I’m going to be focusing on price expectation write ups going forward.  Also, I’m probably going to keep each blog entry short and concise going forward.

First off, the quality on these 3s are absolutely on point! The tumbled leather on the upper leather is definitely a good touch and the clear sole with the free throw line gimmick is absolutely what Nike needs to bring out to create new waves in the ever fast pace changing environment.  The retail on these were $200 USD (265 CAD) and are now trending around $450 USD.  Long story short, these in my opinion will definitely be going up in price and probably will re-sell for around $600-700 in about 1 years time.  The fact that they were very limited (speaking on behalf of the numbers that were released in Canada – my estimate is 500 pairs in Canada) and the fact its on pretty much everyone’s NEED list, the demand is definitely there.  I mean who doesn’t like the classic white cements?  The last 88 WC3 released several years are still very sought after, and those were released in very low quantities as well.   One thing I look for in terms of future value is what future colourways will follow after this release.  Given the fact these were made specifically for the tribute of the 88 dunk contest where MJ wore the white cement 3s, the chances of future colourways following a clear bottom with red stripe is very unlikely.  Reason why they won’t hit the $1,000 resell mark is because Jordan Brand will probably retro another white cement a few years down the road and because its such a staple iconic shoe, its hard to imagine any sneakerhead going HAM on this specific release.  With that said and done, it’s still a good move from Jordan Brand to retro this shoe in a different way we have never seen before, but still keep us sneakerheads happy.

[Final Verdict] – Cop them while prices are low because prices will definitely creep up in 1-2 months time.

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