$10 KAWS – For A Good Cause!


As a business, making money is probably the number 1 priority on everyone’s list, but as you grow and mature as a business I find its also very important to do business the right way.  Customer engagement and brand reputation is extremely important, but how do we build this further to really create a surplus for the people and be a positive contributor to society?  Ever since the recent catastrophic hurricane events that took place in the US, I’ve been thinking the best way to help contribute not just to those in need, but also to those that surround us on a day to day basis.  The easy route to helping would have been to donate cash to these “non-profit” fundraising organizations.  However, I always hesitate because I really don’t get to see how much of my money actually ends up in the hands of those that was initially intended for.

After a few weeks of pondering…I’m going to try something different.  For this upcoming $10 Gift Card members draw, we’re going to give away 1 pair of DS Brand New Jordan Kaws 4.  In addition, i’m guaranteeing at least 10 other participants to receive a random pair and random size shown in the background of the picture.  They are all Brand new DS with original box and the average retail price per pair is $190 CAD. The reason why its random shoe and random size is because if you end up winning and its the shoe you like and in your size, that’s great, rock them! However, what I really want to promote is the art of giving.  If its a pair that’s not your size, i’m sure we all know someone that could fit the shoes, whether its a brother, cousin, friend or even a complete stranger.  Instead of re-selling the shoes, how great would it be to give a brand new pair of shoes to someone?  On top, if proceeds continue to exceed our cost, I will keep bumping up the prizes in correlation to the proceeds.  Lastly, all profit from this draw will be donated to help those affected by these events (most likely American Red Cross).  $10 probably just means an extra meal for most, but can mean the world to those in need.


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