Re-Selling 101 – How to Grow Your Assets?


A lot of you might believe that you need a ton of money to start a business and subsequently without it, it discourages you to even start at all.  To a certain degree, cash is important, but that doesn’t mean you won’t be successful in the long run.  We all grew up knowing the fact there is no overnight success and i’m a true believer of it because in order to grow you need to learn along the way.  Even if you had access to a ton of cash, without the right experience, it won’t get you very far.  So what do I mean by growing your assets?  Keep reading…

When I first started Netmag, I started with about $2,000 CAD of my own cash and bought 7 pairs of Nike Dunk SBs.  As I slowly learned the market was still hot, i ended up selling all of 7 of them and made about $700.  At that time, making $700 was a BIG deal because that’s earning 35% off my initial cash of $2k.   For most, they would probably blow that cash in a heartbeat, popping bottles and buying unnecessary things to treat themselves because 35% in 2 weeks is a crazy return, in which you can’t even do that on the stock market after factoring risk.  Instead, I rolled my principal and profit of $2,700 to buy even MORE shoes and over many many times of repeating the cycle, I’m here today.   The below picture was taken about 2-3 months of re-selling in the early days.  I didn’t start out with much, but as you can see below I grew to about 30 pairs within 3 months and within 1-2 years I was able to grow it to about 100+ pairs.


2-3 years later…


Most might think its easy for me to talk about this in hindsight and say everything worked out and everything will go as planned as long as you work hard.  OR you might think, it must be easy for you because you have so many followers and have an advantage over anyone starting new.  To clarify this…I didn’t get a fast pass or connect/plug to get me to where I am today.  When I first started, there was crazy competition as well.  Some are still here and some have dropped off the face of the Earth, but over these 4+ years I adapted to the market and adjusted my business model accordingly.

I was lucky enough that I invested my time on Instagram early enough to make myself somewhat relevant.  There were many different selling venues back in the day such as eBay, forums, Facebook and etc…but I decided to focus 95% of my time on growing my Instagram account.  That’s probably one of the best decisions I made so far in the business.  For those coming onto IG nowadays, you might find it a bit more difficult to get traction on your account because there is just TOO MUCH content on IG now that its almost impossible to get noticed.  In other words, every re-seller on the market MUST have an IG account, so you can pretty much do the math to figure out how saturated the market really is.  For your entertainment, here were the first few posts on my IG and as you can tell, it was discouraging AS FK! *only 3 likes on on those Bred XIIIs =*(


To summarize, I went from only 30 pairs to over 1000+ pairs in my inventory now in a span of 4+ years.  Aside from just re-investing all my profit, I also kept putting in my own money over time from my full time banking job and maxing out my personal loans to grow my assets.  In general, its the theory of compound growth and time value of money.  Being in the business, you MUST understand these 2 concepts very well.  Along with knowledge, good discipline with money and hard work…you can be successful over time!

3 thoughts

  1. What a side hustle that you built! I am thinking that flipping shoes is actually pretty hard but you pull it off! I agree! Even if you have all the money in the world, your business won’t get far without the right experience and personality. My current blog is my “side hustle” and I am also planning on doing other “side hustle”. Keep up with the good work!


    1. Thank you! Yeah the current generation is slowly moving to full time + side hustle status. Prices on everything in the world keeps going up, but wages don’t move proportionally with it…Hence side hustle is pretty much a solution to escape the limited salary from the full time job. Yup, money can only get you so far in terms of effectively using it. Keep up the good work as well!


  2. I agree a 100% with what your saying i actually started off the same way and had to same business model as you its almost as i was reading my own testimony. Great job brother


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