Netmagnetism Series 1 – Part II

netmag series 1

Apologies that Part II came a little later than expected, but I wanted a few days to soak in the results and focus on the words I wanted to spit out in a concise and informative manner.  I mean if I blogged about everything that came to mind right away, this blog would literally go on for days…

From last week’s product reveal to this week’s product launch, everything was done and planned on the fly.  I didn’t really have much of a “set” plan from the beginning on how to market the product because I don’t believe in following strict plans in today’s fast pace moving culture.  A plan made yesterday may not be relevant today because there are so many moving factors in this world.  I believe in quick evolution and to the point execution in the shortest time possible.  A lot of times if you wait/plan too long, the market is already at the stage 2 while you are still planning for stage 1.

So why a Jordan VI Lego collectible?

First off, I’m definitely not the originator of this concept.  This concept was surfacing the industry for years, but it just wasn’t made available for the general public.  My approach wasn’t to rip someone’s idea and make it mine…on the flip side, my approach is to sell something more than a tangible at an affordable price for everyone.  Yes, final product is super important, but this time around it was more about bridging the new and old generation sneakerheads back together.  A lot of sneakerheads I grew up with are no longer collectors of sneakers, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they don’t love sneakers anymore.  Being a sneakerhead myself, even though I can’t wear sneakers 24/7 like the old days doesn’t necessary mean I lost the love for them.  Hence I wanted to create something monumental, yet tangible at the same time and reinforce the sneaker culture.

With the Netmagnetism Series 1, I chose the Jordan 6 VI model to be the first ever model because Jordan won his first ever championship wearing them.  After his first NBA championship, that’s when people truly recognized his legacy as a player.  With such an iconic sneaker, there was no better way than fusing this pair with something we all grew up doing as kids – LEGOs.

To succeed in sneaker re-selling, one of the biggest factor is offering good prices to the end buyers.  Prices pretty much dictates 80% of your business model because selling a product that sells by itself doesn’t require much aside from having low prices.  However, moving from re-selling someone’s product to selling your own product is a completely different beast and requires a lot of different marketing techniques that may or may not work at all.  The initial product launch was somewhat of a success as we sold out the black infrared model in less than 20 mins and the white infrared sold out around the 1 hour mark. The next product re-stock will be early November.  Thank you again to all the supporters that took the effort to stand by at 8 PM and purchase our early release.

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