#Thirstease Recap – What IF…?

nike dunk supreme thirstease capsule netmagnetism 1

Where should I start…? Let’s just say everything started from just a simple conversation with my buddy Andy OLD couple years ago about visualizing our thoughts about sneakers and the culture through a medium that could be understood by everyone. Through art and curation we did just that in the third and final #thirstease event held at Capsule Toronto. Before I move further, much thanks to Capsule for lending us the space for the event.  Being a staple go to spot for sneakers and streetwear over the years in the city, there’s definitely no other spot in Toronto I rather do this event in other than Capsule.

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Over the last 2 years I’ve supported Andy by providing him the actual shoes to compliment his art and it ranged from simple to extreme heat shoes.  If you need a reminder, just visit his website and you’ll know exactly what i’m talking about.  This year was different.  Instead of just me providing the shoes, we thought it would be a great idea to display what I have envisioned as an idea about 2-3 years ago.  Aside from buying and selling a lot of supreme dunks, I somehow ended up with a lot of pairs, but nothing crazy at the time.  During that time, that’s when a random idea popped in my head and I suddenly had a urge to collect as many supreme dunk SB lows just so i can do something crazy in the future.  At the time I didn’t know how and what i wanted to do, but all i knew i need a lot of them to do something special. I know this was a fine line to walk between being hated vs. appreciated by fellow sneakerheads, but here’s why I did it… The below words were also posted at the entrance of the event to give a background what the display meant in my world.

“Let’s get the facts straight. The purpose of this Supreme Dunk SB display is NOT to flex for attention…We simply want to present everyone a real life experience of a ‘what if’ scenario of how hyped and highly desired sneakers would look like sitting on shelves.  The sneaker culture has evolved from camp outs to online bots and in-store raffles resulting in highly sought after releases selling out within minutes and never seeing light on store shelves.

What you see is a collection of 72 pairs of Supreme dunk SB lows that took many years to amass.  We chose Supreme dunks as a form of expression because its not something that can be easily purchased on the market today and the brand Supreme resonates deeply in every kid and adult immersed in the culture.  Special thanks goes to Capsule for providing us the space necessary to share and execute our vision to the world.”

nike dunk supreme thirstease capsule netmagnetism 2

Love me or hate me…regardless I wanted to provide a lasting impression and experience for all of those that came through to the event that night.  There was absolutely zero monetary incentive for me for throwing this event…in fact we incurred costs to make it happen LOL.  From a business perspective, holding this many pairs of dunk Supremes is a completely stupid idea because paying big bucks to accumulate these shoes and not selling is a significant drag on cash flow and terrible in the sense of time value money – assuming market prices don’t fluctuate much.  Given all the obstacles, I simply wanted this to be something I could look back on 10 years down the road and be recognized for the vision and leave my mark as being a contributor to the culture.  Only time will tell, but at the very least I was very happy with how everything turned out and I couldn’t ask for any better!  Below is the full video recap we put together for the night.  Hope you all enjoy it! Better yet, stay tuned for future projects in the works!

nike dunk supreme thirstease capsule netmagnetism 6


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