Re-Selling 101 – Why I Don’t Trust Adidas

zebra 350

For those that have followed me for a while, you all know I’m not a big fan of Adidas especially with the whole nmd and kanye boost hype over the past 2 years. I wouldn’t say I’m a hater of it, but more so from a re-seller standpoint I’m not very high on it.  Especially when being in the shoe game for over a decade, I think I have a pretty good sense of value and quality and what they should be worth.  I’m not going to beat the point with them being like Nike Rosche runners, but today’s opinion is based off why I stayed and continue to stay away from Adidas shoes on the market from a re-seller standpoint.

Being in the re-sell game, one of the very important factors you have to be aware of is retro’s and re-stocks because no doubt they will hurt or even kill you if you hoard too much. Now that the news is out about the Zebra V2 restocks, I can finally openly talk about it.  I actually heard rumours about this couple weeks back already and I’m sure a few shops did as well.  To further solidify the rumour I noticed Project Blitz did a massive sale on them around that time.  This is usually a red flag that something is up…given Croatianstyle’s connection I’m sure he got the news/rumour early.  From a re-seller standpoint, hearing news like these are detrimental and its probably a good idea to shed some inventory before any other shop gets the news and flood the market cause if you don’t cut that inventory you’ll probably be stuck with those pairs for a while unless you’re willing to take a loss on them.  Case in point in the above picture where some shops that probably only got the news today are trying to unload ASAP at $999.  Keep in mind these were fetching $1.8-2k the first week they dropped as they were deemed extremely limited!

I stay away from Adidas for various reasons.  One, I actually hate the look on them (maybe the triple white ultra boost is the only pair i find appealing), but more importantly the release history on them is shallow and unpredictable.  Unlike Nike and Jordan’s that have a rich and long history, its much easier to predict when future retros would happen.  For example, a Royal 1 release today means the next retro will most likely not happen in the next 3 years or even longer for some pairs.  This gives re-sellers a confident window to take a standpoint on the price movement and buy/sell accordingly. In my opinion, Adidas window is slowly closing as Nike is coming back to the number 1 spot in sneaker game this year.  If they are solely relying on Kanye to maintain the top spot in the game, they better look for other options soon.  Given Kanye’s past history with brands, he usually jumps ships after a few years…so what makes Adidas an exception?  Regardless, if you’re a re-seller and heavy invested in Adidas, you might want to double think about whether or not you should start selling.


4 thoughts

  1. Real good read man, i like the way you brook that down, It should make all them adidas resellers really think about all them shoes there stacking up to get rich off of 😀


    1. Well its the end consumer that really dictates the demand and supply, but regardless whatever the product is…there will always be re-sellers in this world. haha


  2. While I agree with you that reselling these days is rough and may not be as profitable as it was a year, or even two years back, I have to disagree with you on the current state of sneakers/streetwear. I don’t think Adidas is slowing down anytime soon, especially with re-releases. Adidas opened up the floodgates for people who were never into sneaker culture before to finally dip their toes in it (UBs, NMDs, etc.) While it may seem like Nike is making strides toward a come back, they’re actually a lot further than a lot of people think. Since early this year, Nike has been struggling to make a splash to combat UB’s. Less and less people are wearing Flyknits, and although the marketing for the Vapormax was major, there hasn’t been much of a response by the consumer to actually want to purchase the shoe. Nike has relied heavily on what made Jordan Brand so huge (retroing) with the Air Max’s early this year and now the Cortez’s this month, but haven’t released any NEW models of worth. Adidas continues to make hit after hit (Tubular, EQT, Iniki) for sneaker and non sneakerheads alike, and doesn’t have to rely so much on it’s Yeezy line to stay afloat. Just my 1-2, otherwise good post. Take care!


    1. thanks for the comment Juan. Yes and no…there really is no telling as of right now. There are a lot of people out there buying that we don’t know of. Only time will tell.


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