Thirstease x Netmagnetism – June 24, 2017


For the past 2 summers I’ve been involved with my homie’s annual Thirstease event. Even though he did 95% of the work, I was there to support him with the actual sneakers to complement the art.  Since its first year, the event was open to friends and family only and each year the turn out was lit.  This is year he decided to cap things off with a blast in the final instalment of his art exhibit by opening it to the public.  However, to make things even better, it’ll be held at Toronto’s very own, Capsule Markham!

Aside from his art work display this year, we decided to turn it up a notch and change things up. I was given an opportunity of a lifetime to curate a display of my own in the store this year.  I don’t want to disclose any further details right now on what the display will be, BUT I PROMISE IT WILL BE LIT!! It’ll be one of a kind display that has never been done before.  For those that know me, you know I won’t be taking this opportunity lightly.  I actually have been thinking of this display for years, but finally the right time has come to actually make my visualization come to life.  Capsule has been a Toronto staple store for streetwear in the city for the past 14 years and growing up as a kid, never in my mind would I ever thought i would one day be able to do an event in their store.

Anyways, to keep things short.  The venue is fairly limited in space, hence we will be doing a RSVP for this event.  You must be on the RSVP list in order to attend the event. Drinks and snacks will be provided and I certainly hope those in the city can make it.  We will continue to throw updates as they come.  RSVP link is below.

JUNE 24th, 2017 – SAVE THE DATE!

Past #Thirstease Art Work



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