The Sneaker that got me in the game


143547-b09db4fbcf0e48cb93a168becab7aa18Even though i’m a big Jordan fan, the one shoe that really got me hooked to the game were the Nike Dunk Heineken SBs.   For the record, my first love for shoes were actually the Supreme dunk low cements, but I gave up on those because i simply couldn’t afford the re-sell price to own them. Back then, there were no social media outlets or smartphones.  Unlike today if someone spots Kanye wearing something dope, it’ll be blasted all over instagram and the internet within minutes.  As a kid, i really enjoyed looking at hong kong magazines (Milk, Touch and etc..) <– you really got to be asian to know what i’m talking about.  I track these magazines because I wanted to see what were the newest kicks on the market.  But that one time i saw Edison Chen wearing these Heinekens with a throwback Bucks jersey and i’m like DAMN, i need these.   was in grade 11 at the time in high school when these dropped and i was no where close to being “rich”. I worked hard for my money working part time after school for a god damn $7.25/hour.   Yes, that was the minimum wage back in 2003.  Being in Canada, the only way i could have copped them was through eBay.  I even had to use my sister’s credit card back in the day because I wasn’t old enough to qualify for one.  I remember paying $350 for a pair DS and back then that was a lot of money for shoes!  When i first got them, I truly didn’t believe how nice this pair was.  It was the most beautiful thing i’ve ever seen on a pair of shoe.  C’mon, even till now when you think green shoes, the only pair that comes to mind are heinekens hands down.  I still remember wearing them to school the next day and everyone and I MEAN EVERYONE was asking me what are those? where did you get them?  That was the sneakerhead dream, rocking something so nice that no one had a clue what and where they came from.  All of my basketball teammates were rocking fresh white mid top AF1s and Fat Albert FUBU, but when I wore these to school that 1st day, I literally shut it down!  That memory was so vivid that one of my classmates drew a heineken dunk in my year book LOL.

But here’s the best part! I ended up selling this pair of Heineken in my 2nd year of University which was about 4 years later because it would help towards my tuition payment.  I remember very vividly when i was packing the shoe to ship off, I told my mom beside me…”Guess how much i sold these for?…I sold them for $550, i made about $200 even after I wore them!”.  I didn’t get a “good job son…that’s great” type of reply. Instead, I got something along the line of – “stay in school and get a better education…don’t waste your time selling this stuff – this is pity cash, how much can you really make?  You should focus on getting a good education to get a good job”.  Fast forward 10 years…guess what Ma?  I’m making a living selling shoes… 🙂


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