Giving Away 20 Pairs of CDP for $10

CDP Pack for $10

I know most of you are questioning why its 20 pairs and not 22 pairs as that would consist of the COMPLETE pack from 2008.  Well if you have been following us the past year or so, you know we already raffled off a complete set couple months ago.  The feedback we got was amazing and we figured we do it one more time but with a slight twist to it.  The previous one we did was at $35/slot and i think about 150 slots.  This time around we want everyone to have a chance at $10/slot with no fixed slots and you guys determine the final odds.  Draw will happen regardless.

The majority of the set is a size 12 DS w/og all, but the twist this time is the 1/22 pack is missing and the 10/13 pack is a size 9 instead of 12.  The reason why we did this is because as a sneakerhead myself and living by experience,  I really enjoy the hunting process just as much as owning the actual sneakers.  So for the eventual winner of this draw, we want this person to actually live the process as opposed to just receiving everything all at once.  The 1/22 pack is probably the cheapest to afford out of all the packs and shouldn’t be too difficult to purchase out right on the market.  The last piece of the puzzle we want the eventual winner to solve is doing a size swap.  Size swaps are relatively difficult nowadays, but its part of the problems we encounter all the time as sneakerheads.  All in all, we want the winner to not just own the complete set but also own the experience of completing the pack.  We are always trying something different and hope this one will go to a great home.

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