This is NOT a TOY – Kaws 1000%


For those that are new to street culture and arts, I don’t blame you for believing this is nothing but a plastic toy.  However, for those of us that have lived through the era of the early 2000s, we all know and acknowledge street culture has played a dominant and important role in shaping the sneaker culture we live in today.  No doubt Kaws is no stranger to everyone today, but most of you probably haven’t noticed his work before he jumped to fame with his famous works such as companion and dissected companions.

For those that know, you probably don’t need me to explain further.  However, the single most asked question i get from new guys in the game today is why is this so expensive?  Well the simple answer to that is…this is ART not a toy.  This circles back to the background of Medicom Bearbricks, in which it has served as the blank canvas for many different artist design concepts over the years.  As a collector myself for the past decade I often get annoyed when people make the stupid comments about “why are you still collecting toys..? how old are you?”.  Little do they really know, i’m actually investing my money in buying tangibles that appreciate in value.  If you haven’t already noticed, market prices for these Kaws 1000% bearbricks are fetching for $3,000+ and they aren’t even brand new.  So imagine if they were brand new and never displayed…i would say that price would move closer to $5,000.  But the more important thing is, the retail price for these back in 2002 was only about $150.  If i were to represent this in another way…if you bought a car for $20k 10 years ago, the likely hood of it being worth more than $1k is pretty much next to none.  Whereas, if you dropped 20k on these bearbricks (specifically these Kaws) – you would have about a net worth of $380,000.  Well how’s that for a toy?

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  1. Thanks for this post it’s very interesting! What do the new bearbrick 1000% go for retail now? Would you say they all appreciate in value, or just ones done by big name artists? I’m new to this. I wish I knew about this stuff way back instead of collecting Pokemon cards as a kid haha


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