Price Expectations: Nike Air Jordan 4 x Kaws


So i finally gave in and paid my dues and paid resell to snatch these up today. Unfortunately, they actually fit bigger than normal release Js.  So if you’re planning to buy these, keep that in mind.  I’m normally a size 10 -10.5 US sizing, but i think because of the leather lining used on these, my feet felt loose inside.   Regardless if i’m paying that much for a pair of shoes, i better feel comfortable in them.  Hence, i’ll be throwing these up for raffle and the hunt will continue.

Since the release, there have been a lot of speculation as to where the prices on these would go in the future and a lot of people are looking for answers and direction.  I don’t blame you because I too have trouble predicting where the prices would go.  One of the main reasons is we don’t know whether or not or when the release would be.  Though, one thing we know for the sure is the demand for these are through the ROOF.  There are many factors as to why demand is so high for this KAWS release.  One of them being Nike marketing doing a good job in getting early pairs to celebrities to ramp up the hype.  However, the more important factor is you have A LOT of eager Kaws fans hoping to cop a pair, but their hopes is shattered by even MORE resellers trying to make a profit.  Ultimately for this release, it all comes down to a number’s game and luck.  When you have a lot of eager fans wanting to snatch a pair, you bet re-sell prices will be up there because if you’re a fan, you would probably convince yourself to give in this time only or else you might miss your opportunity if prices go up.  Case in point for myself today.  LOL

Anyways, in the next few weeks or months I think prices will slowly drop because of the unknown supply left to release.  Secondly, its been 1 week since release and for the hardcore fans out there they probably already bent over to get fked by re-sellers and they are officially off the market.  Now the market turns to moderate fans that they would love to own but don’t have the deep wallets to do so.  They obviously can’t afford 2k USD for a pair so all they can do is wait for prices to drop.  As a result if you’re re-seller and you can’t offload your pair after a few weeks, you’re automatically going to try to undercut every other re-seller to get the sale.  Once this happens, market prices will trend back down to what these moderate fans would pay.  In my opinion, this is a great shoe and worth every penny at retail price, but when i’m paying 5-6 times retail price 7 days after release, then they are definitely not worth it.  These type of price hikes usually take years to happen, but for this pair prices shot up to what I think re-sell should be 5 years down the road.  So I honestly think the only way to go is down in the short term before they come back to re-sell prices we see today.  In summary, I expect prices for these to be higher than current prices in a few years, but prices will trend lower in the next few weeks.

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