Netmagnetism – What does it mean?

netmagnetism - what does it mean

I meant to do this post for the longest time, but just had so many thoughts that this always got pushed back.  So most of you are wondering what the fuck does Netmagnetism mean or stand for?  To be honest….I don’t even know LOL.  However, here’s why and how I chose it.  I started buying and selling on eBay way back in the day around 2002 and during the time frame of 2002-2005 and I’ve juggled through various accounts on and off, but I was never able to keep 1 consistent account to build enough selling feedback because back then I was mainly a buyer.  It was till 2006 when I decided to offload some of my collection and I didn’t want to start from scratch with 0 feedback because no one would buy from me.  At that time, my co-worker on my work term said he could lend me his dad’s account with 400+ feedback to sell my items and at the time the name was Netmagnetism.  Years went by and I’ve been selling stuff through that name and eventually I took over the account and maintained the name.

Come 2013 was when I first started buying and selling Jordan’s and SBs. I made 100% of my sales on eBay under that name.  I had no intentions of starting a company or even making it big at the time so I didn’t really care what my name was. Then I was starting to see some success and I continued to buy and sell more and that’s when I thought maybe I should solidify this as an entity rather than just a random individual and around 2014 is when I started an account on Instagram and facebook. Starting on Instagram back then was REALLY REALLY tough.  I remember back in the day I would post a picture and would literally receive 0 likes and it wasn’t gaining any traction.  Moreover, eBay activity was getting worse as people started to migrate to different platforms and that’s when I knew I really needed to get IG up to speed.  It took literally months to get just a bit of traction on IG, but I was thankful eBay sales were still coming through slowly to give me the cash flow needed to keep buying shoes.  In a nutshell, I’m not saying I’m successful now by any means because I believe there is always room for improvement, but if you think it’s easy to build a decent “genuine” follower base from scratch – think again!  It took many nights of grinding after my day job to get where I am and that often meant going over the top to build customer engagement and not just a simple sale and go away.

Here’s the take home point from my perspective.  I truly believe the name of your company plays only a very small part of what defines your business.  It really all comes down to the person behind it that portrays and presents itself more than the company name itself.  You can have a great name but when you have sub par and unethical people behind it running it, it wouldn’t mean a thing.  Though my one suggestion is…don’t have a generic name to your company where 90% of the population are using in similar fashion (ie. Sole kicks, Sneaker god, sneaker blah blah etc…you get what I mean). The reason is, when people are trying to search you on google, they will have trouble finding you because it’s not unique enough.  If I type in google right now “sole kicks”, I literally have 10 different website trying to sell kicks.  How do you expect any interested prospect buyers know which one is you?  However, when I type in Netmagnetism, I am the only one that pops up.  All in all, looking back I’m kind of glad I didn’t have to waste any time looking for a name because after this many years….it actually didn’t really matter.

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