Here’s your chance to get into the Kermit Supreme deck free giveaway!


It came to my mind the other day, sometimes supporters doesn’t always mean those that just purchased something from you, but it is also those that always support socially by spreading the good word and always promoting our brand to others.  Hence for the upcoming March giveaway for the supreme Kermit skate deck + Dunk Denim Forbes, I will be giving an opportunity to those that have showed support to us a chance to win as well.  For the longest time I have tried to figure out a way to give those that have purchased something a higher probability of winning because these are the people that keeps us going, but as mentioned earlier for those that have purchased something, your odds are based off how much money you have spent over the month with us. Ie. For a $200 purchase, you will be entitled 20 slots.  This will remain the same.   If you haven’t purchased anything over the month and want an enter into the draw, here is how.

  1. Follow and subscribe to our blog
  2. Comment on this post with your email address

At the end of the month I will be taking the subscriber list and match off the comments.  Those that have followed the above 2 steps will get 1 entry into this month end’s draw.  Though the odds of those that have purchased something on our website remains higher, 1 entry is all you need to win and I’ve seen it many times.  Lastly, thanks once again to all those that have showed support over the years!

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