Supreme Kermit Deck Giveaway! Here’s How

Kermit Supreme Deck x Denim Forbes

As many of you may have seen our post on Instagram the other day about the free giveaway of our Supreme Kermit Red Skate deck for the month of March, we just wanted to fill you in on the details on how you can be considered for this free giveaway.  Similar to our other formats of giveaways from the last 2 months, if you have made any purchases on our website in the month of March, you are automatically entitled for this draw.  So what consists of a purchase and how do we determine your odds?

  1. If you have purchased anything (gift cards OR shoes) – you will be considered – we will simply run a month end sales report and we will use that list as the entry list into the randompicker website.
  2. Your odds/entry amount is correlated to how much money you have spent on our website. The more you have spent, the higher your odds of winning. For example, if you bought 1 gift card for $40, your odds would be 4 slots out of the total amount.  If you bought a pair of shoes worth at $200, you’re odds would be 20 slots out of the total amount.  Pretty straight forward.

You may ask why giveaway such a coveted deck and not keep it for yourself? Yes, this is one of my favourite supreme decks of all time, but I think the general consensus is that it’s also a favourite/grail deck for most in this culture.  When it comes to giveaway, I like to give something that someone would actually want and keep and not to resell, so I’m confident the winner of this draw is more than likely to keep this or display it.  For the record, this is my own personal deck I’m giving away that I have displayed for years in my room.  Even though there are some slight blemishes notably the Kermit colour is tanned from the sunlight exposure, it’s still a brand new deck.  I purposely made this available for OUR customers only because in my opinion it only makes sense to give back and help those that help and support you.  It just doesn’t make sense to make this an open ended raffle for anybody because at the very least I know the winner of this giveaway has supported me by action and not just words.

So the prizes in this giveaway is first place will receive the Supreme Kermit deck and second place will receive a pair of DS Nike Dunk Denim Forbes High (I will try to get your size to the best of my ability – but no guarantees).  If you haven’t already, it’s not too late to make a purchase on our website till 12 AM March 31st

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