Re-Selling 101 – Horrible Selling Practices You Don’t Want to Make

Netmagnetism - Yeezy Adidas Sole Exchange

As a re-seller, there are a few basic principles you really need to keep in mind to have a shot at being successful.  Trust me, time is money and money is time and the last thing you want to do is waste it.  Being a re-seller you have to be good at being a buyer AND a seller.  Ie, you really need to understand both aspects to be able to know what drives both buying and selling behaviour.  If you ask me, I definitely enjoy the buying perspective of the job MUCH MORE than the selling.  WHY? Because its like fucking Christmas everyday when you’re blowing money and un-boxing on the regular.  There are certain aspects of selling I love as well, but definitely the cons outweigh the pros.   However, being a buyer and when working out deals with other sellers the below is what absolutely blows my mind, but at the same time its what makes me happy because this just means 1 less legitimate competitor in the market for me.

1) S/O – starting offer, B/O – best offer, H/O -highest offer, BIN – Buy it Now – There is one place that drop these on the regular and that is Facebook groups.  When i see these descriptions, I usually just ignore the post and move on unless the pair is something I need badly.  Come on guys…why do we need a starting, best and highest offer?  You’re just wasting both you and the buyer’s time by going back and forth.  Everyone has a price in mind as to what they want to sell at and usually it should be within the means of market price.  Well you may ask, what is market price?  We are in 2017 now! Information is widely available by all means…don’t have internet? Go and get free wifi at Starbucks and start doing some research.  When sellers try to list these offer comments and tagging fictitious highest offer prices to their description can only mean 1 thing and 1 thing only.  THEY DON’T KNOW THE MARKET PRICE!  Almost 99.9% of the time when I offer below their highest offer price, a few days later they sell to me at my lower offer price…So my question is….BRO, where did that highest offer price come from? LOL… Selling can be very simple, so let’s keep it that way.

2) Forms of Payments – I was at SoleExchange the other day here in Toronto this past weekend and I was actually shocked at how un-prepared some of these sellers were.  I went as a buyer to see what’s good and obviously I would carry some cash with me, but not an insane amount of it for security sake.  I’m not going to give names, but in short I was looking at a pair of Red October Yeezy 2s pre-owned and there were no prices listed (First Mistake).  So I asked what price they are looking for them?  He replied, i’m looking for 4k OBO.   Then i replied, ok what price are you planning to sell them for and any offers yet?  3.5k was the reply I got and i inspected the shoe in his hands because “I wasn’t allowed to touch it” (Second Mistake).  Then I was like ok, i’ll give you 3.4k CAD for them and he was like give me your number and i’ll get back to you.  10 minutes in waiting while I was waiting in line for the Air max bus, I get a text back – “Ok, i’ll take your offer for 3.4k” – case in point again on why didn’t you sell to the highest offer at 3.5k, but take my offer at $100 cheaper?…anyways I said I only have $2k cash on me, i’ll send you the rest via online bank transfer, which was just as good as cash.  He said I can ONLY take cash because that’s the safest way (Third Mistake) and asked if I can get the remainder cash from the bank – BRO its a fking Saturday – most banks are closed…Then the second thing that goes through my mind is…you have your entire table of Yeezy’s (9 pairs of zebras, some yeezy boosts, and some Nike Yeezys) and you’re telling me YOU ONLY ACCEPT CASH?  What a rookie mistake… If you’re selling shoes of that caliber and expect someone carrying a briefcase of cash to buy your shoes – you’re fucking dreaming especially in smaller scale events like these relative to Sneakercons in the US.  Anyways, I didn’t end up buying them but for the record he did text me back saying he can now accept EMT and asked me to come back…but FUCK you, i’m already half way home to pick up my Air Max x Jordan Pack… Morale of the story, not only did he waste my time, but he also wasted his entire day having people look at his yeezys from afar with probably ZERO sales.  Please if you are are going to sell shoes in these type of events have your payment methods sorted out.  A stripe machine is actually free of charge nowadays.





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