Air Jordan x Atmos AM1 Pack – Our Take and Price Expectations

Let’s get straight to the point.  When this pack was first revealed, the general consensus was the Jordan 3s are pure doo doo.  Like everyone else, I shared a very similar opinion on them, judging solely from the pictures.  As a result, I was fully ready to pass on the pack and just cop the single pair AM1 atmos at resell price.  However, I was very lucky this weekend and was able to score the pack at retail.  The 3s were the first pair i picked out to inspect because I was very curious on the quality on how they came out.  To my surprise I was actually very impressed with them mainly from the concept more than the actual quality.  The quality could have been improved a little more, but for a true sneakerhead that has been in the game for 10+ years, you will truly appreciate the concept of the pack.   The concept of replacing the cement print with safari print was done quite well, and that is why i appreciate the 3s so much in hindsight.  As for the AM1 atmos in the pack…needless to say, they are straight FIRE!

For those that know Atmos, the safari print was made famous on the Air Max 1s and this being the FIRST EVER pack that Nike has ever co-branded a product with Air Jordan is one for the record books.  As for price expectations of the pack, would it be going up or down…?  Its still early to tell, but my opinion is they would most likely be going up.  I think the 3s is one of those that are ugly at first sight, but as time goes by we develop an acquired taste for them.  Based on most of the comments i’ve seen on social media, 90% of comments are about trashing the 3s, but these are also probably the same 90% of people that haven’t seen the shoe in person!  Being one of the lucky ones to own these packs, I can certainly say if i didn’t score the pack at retail, I would have probably been one of those 90% of people trashing the 3s mainly because from what i see in pictures and secondly because i’m salty as fuck.  LOL.  Anyways, I expect prices to remain around the 1K USD mark at the time being because there are also a lot of pairs of the single AM1s floating on the market as we speak, but in 1 year’s time you can probably expect to see a jump in prices mainly because supply has dried up and people may slowly change their opinions on the 3s.  There is strong upside in this pack as I anticipate this to be a must own piece for all true Nike/Air Jordan sneakerheads and everyone that is looking to cop the pack is waiting for prices to drop…








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