RIP 2016…Here’s to 2017


Now that 2016 is out of the way, its time to quickly recap the year and also set some goals for the upcoming year.  2016 was quite the year for Netmagnetism as we accomplished a hell lot as we acquired and sold a ton of grails.  We met a ton of new people, ran our first pop up shop in our home town, and successfully launched our gift card raffle program.  The biggest come up this year is definitely what the picture above shows.  I went from not having any Paris dunks ever to acquiring and having 4 pairs in hand.  Acquiring these were not easy, but the patience and constant search of the market and a little help from a few friends, I was able to work out reasonable deals and get them in hand.

 For upcoming 2017, I have quite a few things planned and hope to execute.  One of the biggest wins from 2016 is the launch of the gift card raffle program.  It wasn’t exactly a smash hit success from the beginning, but overall i’m satisfied with how it turned out after 20 or so raffles.  Some raffles took much longer to sell out and some we even took losses.  But like everything that’s new it takes time to play out and it takes time for our customers to build confidence in us for running legit raffles.  However, the theory behind these raffles is not simply profit and loss on our books, but its more for the people.  The shoes we decide to giveaway are all high ticket priced items that most of us can’t afford.  We want to give the chance for everyone to be able to own these highly coveted shoes without breaking the bank.  We hope to continue to run and improve these raffles and even the playing field for all sneakerheads.  Some of the other things to expect from us this year…

 1) Our first Netmagnetism T shirt – This is not something new, but we want to create a high quality shirt and design that is meaningful to our origins.

2) Drop a new video – this one will be more for the culture and not about us.  More details will come in the near future –  ITS GOING TO BE EPIC

 3) Continue to build and expand our customer base and continue to contribute more often to this blog to allow our customers to get to know us better.  It also serves as a medium for us to share some of our recommendations and tips as a seller.

 Lastly, big thanks to our supporters for another year in the book! We honestly wouldn’t be here without everyone’s support.  Here’s to another great year ahead us!


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