“Yo Bro, Where Do You Get All This Heat? Who’s Your Plug?”


I get asked this question literally everyday from either random emails or DMs and 99.99999% of the time it gets ignored or deleted. Familiar lines such as:
“Yo Bro, where do you get all this heat? Who’s your plug?  Can you let me know because I’m interested in starting what you do?”.
Not because I’m a jerk and don’t want to share with all of you, but the truth is there is no real secret…seriously. I find that a lot of people get the misconception of connects and plugs in this industry.  Yes, there are genuine people out there that are willing to help, but when it comes to sharing wealth, trust me, even your best friend from junior school you’ll be cautious of sharing any of that knowledge.  When I first started selling shoes, I never asked anyone anything.  I did my own research to see what shoes sneakerheads demanded and what shoes that didn’t resonate well.  Though I’ve gotten most of my experience from being a sneakerhead in the game for so long  and having the privilege to see how historical trends played out over the years, I still spend a lot of time staying up to date with current trends in the market.  For example.  I buy a lot of older retros because I know the sneakerheads have been suffering from shit quality from JB during the 2006-2013 time frame and most people rather pay a bit of premium to get the older retros for quality.  I flipped a shit load of 1999 Jordan white cement and Bred 4s because I discover and I knew from being a sneakerhead myself, most sneakerheads don’t want to wear the same fking shoes as everyone else.  The concept of having Nike Air felt much better than having jumpman on the heel.  It was a way to differentiate yourself from others kids new to the game that were probably calling fake on your jordans because it had Nike Air on the back and not jumpman.  But the trend has shifted totally now to Jordan bringing back the Nike Air branding on some silhouettes that really killed the demand for the 99s.  So if you didn’t forecast or expect this and hoarded a shit load of 99s, you’ll be losing money no doubt because the market won’t be paying the same price.
What I’m trying to say is most of you that ask this question don’t really think about the true meaning of your question.  Even if I told you where I get my kicks from, there are SOOO MANY other factors that you need to consider to be successful.  You can score the biggest steal of the century, but if you don’t have anyone to buy the shoes or have anyone that would trust to buy your shoes, you’ll be stuck with that shoe.  Even if you have a network of buyers to buy your shoes at a profit…are you able to repeat finding steals and keep the money wheel spinning?  All this comes from experience and trial and error and time spent outside networking and trying different ways to reach out to buyers AND sellers.   So before you ask me that question, take some time to research and pay attention to what’s happening in the market today.  If you ask me the right logical question and not some bullshit question expecting me to provide you with all i know in a silver platter, I would answer it if I have the time to.  Though, I do guarantee you one thing.  If you put in some hard research and hustle, YOU WILL MAKE MONEY!  Trust, there is plenty of money to be made in this industry, but only select few are able to make a living out of it for one reason and one reason only.  They are simply out-hustling you.

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