Futura in T.DOT

I’m not going to lie, was seriously debating whether I should hit up the raptors game 6 or this Futura × @13thwitness event.  But my instinct told me this was a once in a life time event so it was no brainer.

I showed up to the event and first thing I see is my buddy @ndlo talking to him side by side like good friends.  I chime in beside them and just engaged in the conversation.  The convo went on for a good 30 mins when the perfect moment came up and I pulled up my Nike Dunkles Futura I packed in the morning with my sharpie and asked if he could sign my shoe. Without question he took the sharpie and did his thing – going beyond what i asked for and also added a few strokes to the pointman print. Then the real key dropped when we talked about his collaboration with Nike. His first collaboration was the 2003 futura low nightshade. Then came the Floms. He mentioned it was a friend’s and family pair he created and his son sold his pair for 8k knowing how crazy the price was.  The dunkles were the most well known pair out of them all, but what came to my surprise was that Nike released this pair without his consent.  That’s when he decided it was the time he decided to check out with Nike.

His talk was super inspiring, telling us if you have heart, anything is possible. No one taught him the art he does. We can all self teach ourselves especially with the Internet we are surrounded by today.

The night ended with drinks and social. My buddy and I ended up finding him sitting alone in the room just chilling and got him to sign the other dunkles I brought and I decided to gift them to my buddy as a thank you for inviting me to this event!  It was a pleasure to meet the man himself and to pick his mind and philosophy. Shit like this the new generation kids won’t understand and certainly an experience money can’t buy.

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