CASH OUT – Local Buyout 15k CAD +100 pairs.


Finally completed the 100+ pairs buyout this weekend from a local collector.  The negotiations first started in April when the seller contacted us with a list of shoes he was looking to sell.  It consisted a bunch of Kobes, complete CDP pack and bunch of AF1s and Dunk SBs – ALL DS!!   I’ve never done a buyout of this size from one person in the past as the most I’ve done was probably 20 pairs.  This one required more initial work because I needed to roughly price each pair to come up with a reasonable price for the seller and from a profit margin standpoint on my end to ensure if its worth the work.   We gave our offer for the deal and allowed the seller to sleep on it and also get quotes from other consignment store. The deal took place this past weekend, which was almost 1.5 months since inception of the talks.  He ended up going with us because mainly we were local and didn’t require any additional shipping costs to the US.  Moreover, we also learned we gave him the best possible price out of all the quotes he got from other shops as he received an insanely low ball offer before shipping cost from his end.  That’s one of our main advantages of being fully online based because we don’t have much overhead costs – as a result, we are able to offer lower prices and higher value return for sellers.  Now that the buying part is out of the way, the hardest part is to find the best way to sell these as certain items will probably sell better via ebay auctions from turnover standpoint as we certainly need to clear them out ASAP for the sake of storage space.  Also biggest question of all…should we keep the CDP packs as a pack or split them and sell them individually?
The number 1 question I always ask sellers when they bring in their shoes.  “Why are you selling them?”.  Most of the time, I get answers such as I’m moving on from the shoe game and others simply say they have too much they can’t wear.  But this time, its good to hear that the seller will be putting his money towards a newborn coming soon time.  Glad we were able to assist and best wishes to the family.
Sneak peak at some of the kicks that was part of the buy out….

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