Are You a “I Wear My Kicks” OR “Rock 1 Stock 1” Type of Person?


I know you are all tired of hearing about wearing your kicks from all the shoes celebrities (ie. #perfectpair).  No shit deep down we all want to go by this motto, but I certainly understand both sides of the story.  If I’m a rich mother fker, no doubt I’ll be wearing and trashing my $10k Nike Air Mags or my $30k Jordan 4 Eninem x Carhartt.  However, truth is the 99% of us out there are normal hard-working middle class people. We wear shoes with sneakershields and walk like ducks in effort to keep the toebox from creasing.  Most of us just want to retain the value of our shoes knowing that the better condition we keep them in, the higher the value they can be sold for in the future and this makes absolute sense economically.  There aren’t many assets out there that allows you to enjoy the asset and still be worth as much or even more than the price your purchased them for. ( I can only think of real estate and maybe antiques)
Regardless of whether you are the “I wear my kicks” or the “rock one stock one” type of guy…there is one point in common.  Shoes are not made to last forever.  As you can tell from the above photo, a once highly coveted and valuable Nike Air Jordan VI Infrared OG from 1991 has reached the end of its life line.  Nike/Jordans generally have an average life about 10-20 years depending on the make.  Ie. Jordan’s 3,4,5,6 generally are not wearable after the air unit fogs up and as most of you know jordan’s 1 continue to stand the test of time with is simple mid-sole.  Most collectors probably never thought about the crumbling we see today because we’ve never live through this era.  But as OGs start to slowly disappear from our existence, what’s the point of stocking anymore?  You can’t really blame Nike for retro-ing these shoes for the greater good.
But real talk though.  If we flash back 20 years right now and you are given the opportunity to either wear your OGS or stock them,  what would you do?  In my personal opinion, I undoubtedly would rock the shit out of them for many reasons.  The most notable being I would’ve have broke enough necks over the years with the Nike Air branding while all the new kids be rocking Jumpman.  And when it starts to crumble…I get them sole-swapped and restored and cycle continues again.  The flip side, those that stocked would just watch their assets dissipate and worth less than the retro.  Need proof? scroll up and look again.  Moreover, if you were hoping your shoes would go up in value over the long run, I guarantee you would have made much more money investing in Nike shares than Nike shoes.  So why not enjoy life a bit and wear your shoes…moreover, looking fresh from bottom up will probably get you more pu$$y than you may actually think **not statistically proven…just my opinion 😉

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