Return of Denim Forbes – I Wouldn’t Go Heavy on Them to Re-Sell



#15yearsofnikeSB was the headline for the past few weeks on IG and me personally being a BIG Sb fan, it’s certainly good times to see something other than Adidas Yeezy 350 V69 flooding my feed.  At first it got me super excited because there was a rumour that they are re-releasing 15 past models (ie. Yellow Lobsters, WTDs, Medicom 2 denim and etc…), but this was later clarified that they are only raffling 1 pair of each with 15 participating skate shops in the US.  “Yes” as a re-seller, but “FUCK” as a fan.  Regardless, the re-release of the dunk forbes got a lot of old sneakerheads excited.  Personally I still think the low is much better, but the highs are definitely not bad at all, but if you are planning to stock up big on these to re-sell I wouldn’t highly recommend it.
First off, lets touch on quantity (aka. supply).  Though this was considered a Quickstrike (QS) release, I’m seeing A LOT of supply on the market.  One namely on as I scouted different regions and I still see a lot of pairs still available as we speak.  As a re-seller, this is not a good sign because why pay re-sell when you can get it at retail? As we all know, the denim forbes low from 2002 are fetching around $1.5k-2k and even if you had the cash for them, it’s pretty hard to find a seller willing to sell them to you in your size.  Why the price?  That is because there were only 444 pairs released back in 2002 and after so many years have passed, there probably aren’t a lot of pairs floating around the market.  If you are speculating similar re-sell prices many years down the line, you can forget about it…it probably won’t happen.  *IF* they released the denim forbes high at similar quantities to the low in 2002, *THEN* you can expect prices to sky rocket.  The high/low re-master of these dunks hasn’t had a good track record in terms of resell value (ie. Dunk Tiff diamond high/low, De la Soul, Sea Crystal, Cali and etc…).  It’s not rocket science as its simple supply and demand.  At the end of the day, I think its good Nike didn’t retro the low model nor made these super limited because I think this will allow all the fans that wanted the low to own something similar at an affordable price and at the same time keep those that owned a pair of the lows happy.  Regardless, I’m stoked to see what Nike has up its sleeve for the remainder of the year with regards to SB releases.


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