REAL TALK…Are We Wearing These to Impress the Dudes or the Ladies?


My first impression after getting these in hand and seeing them in person is… “ahhh, these are pretty Fugly”.  Anyways, I’m not going to judge anyone’s opinion on these as everyone is entitled to their own taste of fashion, but the next question popped up in my head.  If a dude is going to rock these on feet…are they trying to impress the dudes or the ladies?  No homo, but in my honest opinion…the only necks you’re breaking are the dudes and definitely not the ladies.  I think if you were to ask any normal non-sneakerhead female how they feel about these shoes, I’m pretty sure we’ll have a very lob sided consensus on it and I don’t need to be very clear which side that is.  But, there’s nothing wrong with that!
As a sneakerhead myself for the vast majority of my life, I personally enjoy wearing grails that no one has for several reasons.  Grails are usually defined as rare, expensive and very few will wear.  I don’t like to wear the same thing as anyone else on the street and sometimes when I see someone wearing the same sneakers, I actually try very hard to avoid them.  Secondly, I enjoy the neck-breaking moment when you see another dude double take your feet as they walk by.  The clear look of jealousy and “WTF + HOLY SHIT” moment on their face is absolutely priceless and you know it because you catch them looking with your peripheral vision as you keep walking pretending you can’t see them checking out your feet.  Lastly, I wear nice kicks to impress the ladies…nothing beats a fresh clean look to stay attractive.
But back to these Yeezy 350 Zebras… I know it’s a Kanye inspired shoe and its super limited and the re-sell is going through the roof, but is this really something you want to wear or to re-sell?  In other words, are you in it for the money or you genuinely love them so much you need these on your feet for 2k resell? From a fashion standpoint, I’m pretty straight forward with my opinion.  Though, one thing I’m pretty confident about is this…if you are indeed rocking these, I’m almost certain you are impressing just the dudes and not the ladies….what do you think?

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