Once in a Lifetime Raffle – Nike Air Mags 2011


Here at Netmagnetism, we always want to push boundaries and experiment new things to excite our follower base and keep everyone engaged.  Starting these raffles couple months ago was just a first step in allowing us to execute our vision of allowing everyone a chance at owning highly coveted kicks.  In our latest giveaway, we decided to up the ante and go with the Nike Air Mags from 2011.  We acquired these in a trade couple months ago from one of our customers as finding a buyer from his perspective was rather difficult.  I don’t expect many of us can drop that kind of money on a pair of shoes, let alone the fact of transacting online and on the sole basis of trust when dealing with big transactions like this.  At the end of the day, we made it happen.

The reality is we probably will never bring in another pair of these in the near future because locking that much money on 1 pair just doesn’t make sense from a business standpoint as the market for these is EXTREMELY SMALL.  Given the rare opportunity of having these in hand, we teamed up with @ndlo to do a photo shoot of these bad boys before we raffle them off.  I couldn’t be more happier with Andy’s work as he’s been with us since the beginning.  Some of you may argue the price point we are trying to get for these, but when you look at Flight club prices, we are still priced 20% lower than what they are asking (ie. 12k USD).  Regardless, our vision doesn’t change to make this happen.  For $40/slot, you have an opportunity to own something that you would never ever considered owning based on prices we see today.   We didn’t want to push the $/slot too high because that would defeat the sole purpose of these raffles.  The only way was to push the number of slots higher.  Ideally, we would like to see these land in the right hands that would truly appreciate, but at the end of the day everyone that participates has a fair chance and I don’t discriminate what winners do with their prizes.  All I know is…come draw date, raffle gods will be making someone jizz their pants for the day.  Last piece of advice…you don’t have to go big to win…i’ve seen numerous raffles where the winner had only 1 entry. 

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