My First Post! – Behind The Scenes


Was taking a deuce the other day and realized that I’ve been in the sneaker re-sell business for about 3 years.  Technically longer if you count my teenage years in school, but to be fair, I’d consider the last 3 years was when I considered it as a legitimate business.  Now I know the term re-sell hasn’t resonated well with many sneakerheads over the years, but just let me clarify myself.  I think re-sell in the sense of standing in line on release date and flipping to the guy behind you that couldn’t secure a pair is bad.  I term that “Bad-Karma Resell”.  On the flip side, re-selling something you can’t easily find on the market even if you had money is good. Hence, I term it good “Good-Karma Resell”.  I can go on literally for DAYYYYS about my opinion on this, but just to get the point across, i’m more of a “Good-Karma Resell”.
Anyways, to cut things short.  I want to document my everyday life as a re-seller where many have elected to keep as a secret.   Though I can’t give you all the tricks to the trade, but I feel many do want to understand what goes on behind the scene.  Sure we always see the glamorous side of things when business is *BOOMIN** (aka sneakerDon), – a term i’m sure you all know by now.  If you haven’t i’m sure you can google it yourself or peep the photo above.  Life as a re-seller is a lot of fucking up and down.  So hopefully you enjoy my blog and feel free to provide your comments and opinions!

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